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In Strange Horticulture, as the Horticulturist, you are the proprietor of the local plant store - Strange Horticulture. Your role is to discover and identify new plants, use their specific effects to influence the game's narrative, and unravel the dark mysteries surrounding the quaint town of Windermere. You interact with a range of customers and can even become entangled in the local occult and cult activities.
Exploration is a central feature of Strange Horticulture gameplay. By venturing beyond your store into the mysterious woods and lakes, you can discover new, powerful plants. However, these explorations should be approached cautiously as the environment can be unfriendly, and you may encounter challenges and dangers. Exploration directly impacts the game's progress and storyline, opening up new possibilities for character interactions and narrative development.
One of your main tasks in the game is to discover and identify different plants. You do this with the help of your trusty encyclopedia and the clues you'll find during your exploration of Undermere. Through careful study and observation, you can learn the properties and potential uses of each mysterious plant you come across.
Different plants in Strange Horticulture have a wide array of powers, ranging from hallucinogenic effects to powerful poisons. The powers of these plants can be utilized to influence the story, help you navigate thorny situations, or manipulate characters in the game. The game encourages the creative use of these plant powers.
Yes, there are dangers inherent in exploring the hag-infested woods and rugged mountains surrounding Undermere. The world of Strange Horticulture is not always friendly to an herbalist, and you may face various challenges, both mundane and supernatural, that can result in adverse effects, up to and including madness.
As the owner of Strange Horticulture, you get to interact with a variety of customers and other characters that make up the town's community. This interaction is often dialogue-based and allows you to learn more about them, their needs, and the overarching story. Further involvement with the community may also involve being part of a local coven or cult.
The overall objective of Strange Horticulture is to unravel Undermere's dark mysteries that stretch back for centuries. This is achieved by finding and identifying plants, influencing the story with their hidden properties, and navigating through the town's occult underbelly.
Joining a coven or cult can introduce new storylines and outcomes in the game. However, such a decision is not without risks. There can be hidden dangers and requirements associated with these cults or covens, and unknowingly, you might find yourself entwined in dangerous rituals or political movements within Undermere.
Puzzle-solving in Strange Horticulture is primarily linked with understanding and identifying plants and their specific properties. The game encourages players to use context clues and their knowledge about different plants to solve mysteries, unravel narratives, and influence the outcome of events.
As it is primarily a narrative and puzzle-solving game, the concept of "losing" isn't traditional. The game doesn't have a game-over or lose state; rather, poor choices or mistakes may lead to unfavorable outcomes in the storyline or the mental condition of your character.