Strange Horticulture

"Strange Horticulture" is an interactive point-and-click game that immerses players in the exploration of obscure and mystical enigmas. Set in the enigmatic town of Undermere, the landscape is strewn with witch-ridden woodlands and daunting mountain ranges. Assuming the role of the Horticulturist, who runs the town's botanical shop, players are quickly entangled in an unfolding enigma as patrons visit their establishment.

The quest for new botanical specimens sends players out into the treacherous environs beyond their shop, where they must avoid the ominous influences pervading the land. The game assists players in navigation by offering hints on which locations are safe to explore.

Visual Presentation

"Strange Horticulture" boasts distinctive, hand-illustrated visuals, setting it apart from other titles. The artwork harks back to the aesthetic of classic point-and-click games yet infuses a contemporary flair. The game shines with meticulously crafted settings, while the animated characters convey emotion effectively, adding to the visual appeal.

Game Mechanics

True to its genre, "Strange Horticulture" centers around the completion of enigmatic puzzles. Gamers must tap into their intellect and intuition to solve the game's array of riddles. Although context-based hints are provided, players may still encounter some demanding challenges. The gameplay is generally linear, but players are welcome to explore additional areas at their discretion.


While "Strange Horticulture" might not be a lengthy game, it's densely loaded with brain teasers and obstacles that may warrant another playthrough for those seeking to crack unsolved mysteries from their initial run. The multiple endings available bolster the game's replay value, tempting players to return and uncover alternate outcomes.


  • Unique Concept: Strange Horticulture is a unique blend of rogue-lite and gardening simulation with a dash of the supernatural. It's a breath of fresh air in a gaming space that can often feel repetitive
  • Engaging Gameplay: The game offers engaging gameplay with a blend of mysteries to solve, plants to grow, and magical potions to concoct
  • Gorgeous Artwork: Strange Horticulture is visually striking, with beautifully designed characters and environments that add to the overall charm of the game
  • Intriguing Story: The game's plot is intriguing and keeps players hooked. The story unfolds as you discover new plant species and unlock their magical properties
  • Non-linear Narrative: The non-linear narrative gives players the freedom to choose their path, adding replay value to the game


  • Limited Tutorial: The game lacks an in-depth tutorial, which can make it difficult for new players to understand the mechanics
  • Slow-paced: This game may not appeal to those who prefer fast-paced action, as it involves a lot of patience and strategy
  • Repetitive Gameplay: Some players have reported that the gameplay can get repetitive over time as you essentially grow plants, make potions, and sell them
  • Limited Customization: The game lacks customization options, which could have added an extra layer of engagement
  • Occasional Bugs: Like any new game, Strange Horticulture has its share of technical issues and bugs, which can affect the overall gaming experience
Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture



Strange Horticulture is a great point-and-click adventure game that features challenging puzzles, atmospheric graphics, and multiple endings. The game is a bit on the short side, but it is sure to please fans of the genre.

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