Minecraft is a sandbox game, popular around the world. Minecraft was created by Mojang. Regarded as one of the most well-known games suitable for all ages in our era. In 2020 the game was played by 126 million users. Minecraft was created in 2009 and since that time has received enormous popularity. In this game, your ultimate aim is to create whatever your imagination desires, making use of the array of tools provided within the game's framework.

The Cubic Picture

Welcome to the cubic world where everything you see is made of blocks, including rivers, flowers, skies, and animals. You may create everything you want using these cubic shapes. Such unique graphics became a well-known style of Minecraft. Depending on the model you choose, you may explore new worlds, create cities, countries, and civilizations, and survive with one ax in the hand. Everything looks colorful and toyish. And no matter how many angry zombies are trying to catch you, the picture is still optimistic.

How to Play

Minecraft game offers you several modes that you may enjoy one by one. Based on your current mood, choose one of the modes and play:

  • Survival mode. Survival mode allows you to challenge yourself. You appear in the unknown hostile environment with nothing. You receive an ax and have to find food, build a shelter, and protect yourself from wild animals and monsters. Your vitality meter decreases due to starvation, creature attacks, and sleep deprivation.
  • Creative mode. You have unlimited access to the resources inside the game without any enemies or running out of energy. You will not get caught by monsters and will not freeze to death at night. You can concentrate on building a new world. No one will disturb you.
  • Hardcore mode. This is rather the tough version of survival mode. It is probably the hardest challenge in Minecraft. If you die there, you lose everything. Besides, there are numerous dangers that are ready to meet with you.
  • Adventure mode. This mode allows you to travel around the Minecraft universe, exploring numerous climate zones maps, and experiencing adventures. It is really close to survival mode since you have to face some of your fears. You have to collect items that the map indicates.
  • Spectator mode. In this mode, your only task is to watch the accomplishments of other players. You can watch the gameplay without any interaction. If you're uncertain about fresh activities in your Minecraft realm, this method is excellent for sparking inspiration.

Simplicity of Minecraft

Minecraft can be so simple that even a baby can learn how to play its own village in no time. However, you have to pick the right mode for it. If you pick adventure, survival, or hardcore mode you can get killed in no time. The iOS version of Minecraft requires some skills in using your smartphone. It is recommended to learn the basics in creative mode, before entering survival.


  • Outstanding cubic graphics
  • Well-developed gameplay
  • Evergreen scenario
  • Versatile modes with different complexity levels


  • It is not free of charge




Minecraft is a well-known sandbox game with several modes that make it evergreen. The game is family-friendly and can be played by parents and children. It offers unique cubic graphics and numerous adventures.

What's new?

Minecraft fans have been dying to find out when Minecraft 2 is coming out. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not announced a release date for the sequel yet. The company believes that launching another part of the iconic game would fracture the highly loyal community, so Minecraft 2 is unlikely to happen.
Image source - play.google.com