Among Us

Originally launched in 2018, the game Among Us only garnered widespread attention later on. The phenomenon took off among streamers and content creators on sites like Twitch and YouTube, drawing in more than 60 million daily users.

What is the Among Us Game About?

Among Us, created by InnerSloth, is a multiplayer action game that soared to popularity two years post-release. It has consistently ranked among the top five best-selling games on Steam for several consecutive weeks. The game boasts a peak of 1.5 million concurrent players across all platforms. Players can download Among Us for Android devices from the Play Store (download links available on the "Get page" website).

Among Us is an intricate version of the classic "Mafia" game set in space and played entirely online. Instead of a town with various roles, there's a spaceship with crewmates, among whom are hidden impostors. Each round supports 4 to 10 players with up to three taking on the role of impostors.

Players engage in various mini-tasks distributed across the spaceship, such as connecting wires or clearing vents. Meanwhile, impostors clandestinely eliminate crewmates. These impostors can sneak up on solitary astronauts, hide to ambush unsuspecting victims, and even sabotage the ship.

How to Play Among Us?

While all characters appear distinct, you can only distinguish impostors by observing their behavior. The game hinges on a covert conflict between crewmates and impostors. The team of crewmates secures victory by either successfully finishing all assigned tasks or accurately pinpointing the impostors. Conversely, impostors aim to covertly eliminate crewmates without being discovered.

Where Can You Play It?

Among Us is free-to-play on Android and iOS, with revenue generated from intermittent ads between matches and in-game purchases. The ads don't disrupt gameplay.

What's New

Among Us is available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows PC, with plans to release it on PlayStation, and Xbox in 2021. They will not be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can download the game from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store, or alternatively, you can obtain the Among Us APK directly from the official website.


  • Incredibly addictive gameplay
  • Huge room for manipulation and bluffing
  • Great visual style
  • An abundance of settings
  • Cross-play
  • Low price on PC and no price tag on smartphones


  • Servers sometimes don't work well
Among Us

Among Us



The game is wonderful: it is addictive, bright, well-thought-out, and funny even in a group with strangers. It is amazing that such a creative product was made by only three little-known game designers. Join the friendly ranks of colorful astronauts, install Discord, and go into orbit in search of adventure.

What's new?

The release date of Among Us 2 has been postponed more than once due to the original creator’s bankruptcy and other issues. The final decision announced by Innersloth has been not to invest in a sequel. Among Us 2 isn’t coming out, says the company. Instead, efforts will be made to further improve the existing Among Us game.
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