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Roblox is not one, but multiple games at the same time. It is an online platform that offers anyone who feels creative to make their own games. If you don’t want to become a game developer, you can try other users’ games that are available on the platform. There are over 164 million active users on Roblox, and thousands of games you may like.

Roblox Variety of Colors

Roblox graphics are incredibly vivid. It is bright and filled with colors. However, everything in the Roblox world is similar. No matter whether you are looking at a man or on his pet, you still can see the similarly square faces, and Lego style. But during the last years, this platform changed and improved so much that you have to look very close to notice these similarities. There are millions of different worlds and thousands of games created by users of Roblox from the scratch. You may save the world from giant sharks, travel around London, explore magic kingdoms, or win the race, don’t forget to admire the bright colors of each world.

The Purpose

Roblox was created as an alternative way for all players who prefer to complain about the games they are playing, stating that they could do much better with proper instruments. This platform gives all the tools you need to make the game. Now it is up to you whether you are capable of creating a bestseller. Don’t give up even if you run out of ideas. You can get inspired by multiple worlds that already exist on Roblox. Join a friendly community with a million players and game developers.

Features of Roblox

You have two options on Roblox. You can become a creator or you can be the one who tries everything that Roblox’s creators provide. Check out the main features of this platform:

  • There are no rules on the platform. You can create the world you keep in your imagination. You can pick any genre of the game you want. Make your own characters from the very beginning;
  • You can play anywhere you want and anytime. There are multi-platform options for everyone. You can play on your Android phone, computer, or Xbox One, for example;
  • If you don’t want to make the game, nobody forces you. Pick one of the games you like. There is a smart search so you can easily find it;
  • You can talk to other Roblox users via chat, personal messages, group meetings.

Events at Roblox

This platform is rich in versatile events for its users. Developers offer both online and offline meetings. One of the biggest events for the Roblox community is considered to be Roblox Developer Conference. Every Easter you can join the Easter hunting even. There are Bloxy Award and BloxCon yearly events you can’t miss.


  • Millions of colorful worlds;
  • Constantly increasing number of games;
  • Multinational friendly community;
  • Yearly events.


  • The game building is harder to perform on Android.

out of 5


Roblox is a platform for games. You can create an unlimited number of games with different genres, characters, worlds. Roblox provides you with both games and tools for their creation. If you don’t want to develop them, you can easily play in something you like.

What's new?

Roblox being a platform with an incredibly diverse yet tight community of fans rather than a game, the coming out of Roblox 2 seems to be far away from now. Roblox Corporation has not announced a release date for any sequels yet. Of course, rumors do circulate about potential development, but no confirmation has been received so far.