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Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a free-to-play app game developed by a Japanese company called Lunime. The app is available on iOS and Android. The game is the standard gacha game in which players collect virtual cards and use them to battle and gain experience points. The game is basically a cross between Bejeweled and Pokemon, but with a social aspect. The game has a simple social networking component that allows you to add friends.


In Gacha Life, you can create your own anime characters and dress them up in anime-style fashion. Then you can play both offline and online mini-games. Also, you can chat with NPCs and explore many areas. There are lots of things to do in the game.

The game is divided into 2 parts. The first part is the creation of your anime character. You can choose from 8 base character types. From there you can choose to change the hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, and facial features. There are lots of clothes and accessories you can choose from. Everything in the game is free except the premium currency.

The second part is the mini-games. There are 4 mini-games in the game. The first game is the chat mini-game, in which you can chat with NPCs in the game. The second game is the dating mini-game, in which you can date another player. The third game is the battle mini-game, in which you can fight against the computer. The last game is the offline mini-game, in which you can play a variety of mini-games.


Graphics are 2D and quite simple, but it doesn't make the game worse, it is quite pleasing to the eyes. I like the characters’ designs, they are very cute and I enjoy looking at them.

There are no animations, just the walk cycle and there is no need for it, the game runs great and it's smooth.

The background is very simple and I would love to see more interesting and more detailed backgrounds for the game.


The game is online multiplayer that has a social aspect to it and also it has lots of content. It is no surprise that it has high replayability. This is because the game is a lot of fun to play and you get lots of rewards for playing. You can be playing the game for hours before you manage to get enough coins to get a good character. The game lets you play until you get a character you like and you can play it for hours and hours with no problems.

The game has a lot of content and that makes it more fun to play. The game has a lot of different characters although it has some of them are in the same class. They are just different and that makes them interesting to play with. Also, the game has lots of stages and it feels like you are playing a different game every time you play it.


out of 5


The game is very fun to play and it is recommended to everyone to try out the game. It is very addicting and you will be playing it for hours. The game is free to play and it has a lot of content so you have a lot to do. The game is a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing it. I feel like I am playing a different game every time I play it. The game has a lot of different characters so I can never get bored of playing it. It just has a lot of different characters to choose from and I like that a lot. I feel like I can play it for a long time and it will never get boring.

What's new?

Gacha Life was created for mobile platforms. You can download APK for Android on Google Play Store. If you want an iOS version of the game, it is available on the Apple Store. You can visit the official website of Gacha Life and find the installer for the Windows PC version. The game is free of charge, but there are no options for Nintendo, PS, and Xbox.
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