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Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto or GTA V is an action game from Rockstar North. It is well-known around the world. The game is the part of GTA series, but with a totally new story and a new fictional world. The action takes place in San Andreas state. You can play one of three main characters on your Windows platform.

The Perfect Picture

GTA V received several awards and was praised by an enormous amount of critics and players for the well-developed graphics that can finally handle the crazy speed of this game. It took many years for Rockstar to create something like this and millions of dollars were spent on the graphics only. There are no load screens which you may have noticed in earlier games of the series. The open-world is so realistic you can easily recognize the landscapes of Southern California and Los Angeles in particular. The PC version offers 60 frames per second quality gameplay of 4K resolution.

The Story inside GTA V

If you want to buy the game or watch the trailer on Steam Store, you have to prove that you are an adult. This can be partly explained by the high level of violence, strong language, and three main characters that are up to no good. You can change the character even during the game. Your options:

  • Michael de Santa, the bank robber in the past, who wants to gain big money;
  • Franklin Clinton, the street gangster;
  • Trevor Philips, the drug dealer.

They are all connected with each other. All three of them have a similar past and are united by similar goals. They have different personalities and special abilities like to slow down time or make deadly shots. You don’t have to follow the main line of the game. There is no strict scenario you have to follow. Instead, the game offers the freedom to its players. You can take part in versatile side quests, explore the open world, or develop the skills of the character. It is up to you whether your character stays bad or changes.

The Simplicity of GTA V

You need to have quick reactions if you want to succeed in the game. If you don’t have one, master your skills step by step. GTA V is incredibly fast. You need to make tough decisions faster than your enemies. Windows platform may give you numerous benefits if you are an experienced player. Don’t forget to watch your back. And remember that all three characters may also be a threat to each other. They are not best friends.


  • GTA V has outstanding high-resolution graphics;
  • The open world of San Andreas;
  • Well-developed plot;
  • Evergreen interesting quests;
  • Numerous challenges with rewards;


  • This game is hard to play for newcomers;

out of 5


GTA V is not the best gift for children. It is tough, rude, and highly realistic. The beauty of landscapes in this game is astonishing. If you are tired of bad people with poor choices in the story, you can distract yourself by taking a ride across the state, enjoying the scenery of Southern California. After that, you can come back trying to change the story for Michael, Franklin, or Trevor. Don’t expect to make them better people as you may get disappointed.

What's new?

With many fans anxious to download and try GTA VI of the omnipopular GTA series, Rockstar seems to be in no hurry to announce the release date. According to rumors and speculations, the game will be out in the fall of 2023, but that’s not official. Grand Theft Auto 6 will most probably be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, among other platforms. GTA 6 isn’t available yet, but fans are already asking when Grand Theft Auto 7 is coming out. Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t provided any official schedule. The anticipated release date lies between 2024 and 2026, but it’s clear that the timing will heavily depend on how the GTA 6 launch turns out.