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As of now, New World is available on PC only, and it can be downloaded through Steam. There is no official word yet on the game becoming available on any console platforms in the future.
No, it is not a free-to-play game. It is available to purchase on Steam and once purchased, there are no subscription fees attached. There may be optional in-game purchases available.
While New World is primarily an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, it does have a wealth of content that players can engage in solo. However, the game does encourage player cooperation for certain activities, such as battling high-level enemies or taking part in large-scale PvP wars.
PvP in New World is completely optional and consensual. There are different territories controlled by different factions. You can declare your allegiance to a faction, and there will be wars fought for control of territories. For individual PvP, players will need to voluntarily "flag" themselves for PvP play.
In New World, there are no prescribed classes. Your abilities and skills are based on the weapons you choose and the way you want to upgrade your mastery with those weapons. There are skill trees for each type of weapon, which players can customize according to their play style.
In New World, the maximum level that your character can reach is 60. However, even after reaching level 60, there is plenty of high-level content and Endgame PvE and PvP content for the players to enjoy.
New World comes up with a fantastical array of creatures – a mixture of supernatural and mythological beasts and ancient beings that inhabit the island of Aeternum. These range from corrupted humanoids to hulking earth elementals, ghastly spectral foes, and more.
Yes, there are substantial amounts of PvE (Player vs Environment) content in New World. You can fight numerous AI-controlled enemies, explore the world, complete quests, gather resources, craft equipment, and much more.
Yes, there are indeed servers in New World, officially known as "Worlds." You can select your preferred World when you start playing the game. However, please note that each World has capacity restrictions, which means you may not be able to join a World if it's too populated.
While there isn't a set schedule for how often updates are deployed, Amazon Games Studio is committed to continuously updating and improving the game, sometimes deploying minor updates and patches weekly, with major content updates typically taking place on a less frequent basis.