New World

New World is an MMORPG that allows players to colonize land that is similar to America. The game was created by Amazon Games for Windows. It will be released on September 28, 2021. New World will be available for download on both Steam and the Amazon Store.


After you install New World you turn into an adventurer from the mid-17th century standing on the mysterious island. You have to colonize it, joining one of three existing fractions. You can sign up for the Marauders, Covenant, or Syndicate. Based on your role you will have a set of resources you can use. You will receive access to all the features for free since the game uses the standard model buy-to-play.

All you need is to order New World and fight against other players or scary monsters. Yes, there will be lots of supernatural creatures not ready to give the land willingly. For thousands of years this land was filled with its own fantastic beings, and now you have come to colonize it. Prepare for numerous dangerous quests in New World on PC. There is no New World mobile version, and developers offer the game for Windows or Mac only. We still don’t know whether it will be available on New World for Xbox someday. Time will tell.


New World graphics are highly realistic and well-developed. You have the flexibility to play as your character in either first/third-person or view. There is a unique possibility to explore the still undiscovered land. You can become a pioneer, making your way through the dangerous areas, meeting monsters, and fighting other players. Prepare yourself for a wide range of sorcery, epic combats, multiple kinds of guns, and swords.


Reserve your copy of New World today to unlock a vast array of quests across various difficulty levels, along with time-limited bonus content. This includes the Isabella amulet for defense, an exclusive in-game title, a special guild crest set, and a unique emote. Act fast to secure these perks! There are too many things to do on the island, including exploration and conquest. You will meet humans and supernatural beings. You will receive enough weapons, tools you need to go further and dive deeper into the story. There is no free download option available, but the price is affordable for anyone. Despite having a thoroughly crafted storyline, the New World offers significant replayability. There is no news about PS4 or Xbox consoles. Meanwhile, PC owners can already sign up for the game.


  • Well-developed plot
  • Outstanding landscapes
  • Multiplayer mode
  • A unique set of bonuses during pre-order
  • High replay value.


  • There is no single-player mode
  • You have to stay connected to the Internet.
New World

New World



This game has such a great set of entertainments that you will not be able to resist it no matter whether you are a fan of adventures, puzzles, or the supernatural. It also offers you incredible landscapes to admire while you are chasing some monsters. You can join a team of strangers or can ask your friends to play together with you, exploring new lands and trying to survive.

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