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Rewinder is available on PC and can be accessed through platforms like Steam. Future plans to expand to other platforms may be informed by the developer as the game's popularity grows.
The story in the Rewinder game takes inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore. You play as a Rewinder, who is tasked with unraveling a mystery that challenges your understanding of time and space. This unfolds through interactions with various spirits and entities drawn from Chinese mythology.
Yes, you can change the language settings in the Rewinder game. It supports language options like English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, among others. You can change the language at any point during the game.
No, Rewinder is a single-player adventure game. You embark on a journey alone as the Rewinder and encounter various spirits in a world influenced by Chinese mythology.
Rather than traditional combat, the Rewinder game centers mostly around solving puzzles and riddles throughout the storyline. The focus of the game is more on exploring and problem-solving rather than engaging in battles.
Rewinder has been carefully designed to provide a balance of challenge and intuitiveness. While some puzzles may require more thought than others, players of all levels of experience in puzzle-solving games are likely to find engaging gameplay and a satisfying level of challenge in the Rewinder game.
Yes, Rewinder allows you to save your progress. This function is important, considering that some puzzles might take some time and multiple attempts before you successfully solve them.
The length of gameplay in the Rewinder game varies based on how quickly players can solve the game’s puzzles and progress through the storyline. However, on average, players can expect a total gameplay runtime of around 4 to 6 hours.
Yes, the Rewinder is suitable for players of all ages. It has no explicit content, and its level of violence is minimal. However, due to the puzzle-solving nature of the game, it may be more suitable for older children and teenagers.
Yes, once you've downloaded the game through your chosen platform, you are able to play it offline without any interruptions or requirements for an internet connection. Just ensure you have downloaded any updates prior to disconnecting from the internet.