The Rewinder

The Rewinder is a puzzle adventure that welcomes you in the world of Chinese myths and legends. Play Yun, the Rewinder who communicates with spirits after death. The game was created by MistyMountain Studio and published by Gamera Game. Download The Rewinder on your laptop and explore the fascinating Asian tales.


You can order The Rewinder on the official store of your platform and receive the entrance ticket to Medieval China with all the legendary tales and kick-ass puzzles. There is a noble hero that has to guide the souls into the underworld and meet spirits everywhere he goes. After you install The Rewinder you will see the Tudi Gong, Ox-head, Spirit Wardens, and Guardians of the Beyond among other mythic figures. You will have the capability to access and alter the past actions of others within their recollections. The Rewinder on PC is a perfect match for fans of puzzles and adventures.

You will be able to change history by modifying the intentions of others. Apart from mini small quests, there is one big mystery that awaits you in the game. You must travel to the quaint Chinese hamlet and unravel the enigma of a female specter trapped in limbo, unable to be reborn. You may not be able to preorder The Rewinder, but play a free demo to learn how to help the woman and find out what happened many years ago. You will not find the PS4 version. For now, the game is available on PC, Mac, and Nintendo only. There is still no confirmation about The Rewinder mobile.


There are unique 2D graphics that remind you of Chinese ink paintings. While there is still no news about The Rewinder for Xbox, PC’s version has splendid and incredibly atmospheric landscapes. The 2D animation may look too old-fashioned, but it totally suits the whole concept, making Chinese paintings come to life.
You will not see faces in the game. Even Yun is faceless. Instead, you receive special access to atmospheric Chinese rural landscapes of the past. You may check it out in the demo version with a free download.


The Rewinder offers adventures around ancient Chinese cities and villages. As you journey from location to location, you can revel in the scenic vistas, encounter various individuals, and hear their tales. There are lots of activities for you to take part in. You have to find the reason for the dead person’s misery and fix it. You will meet challenges on your way and get to know legendary creatures.


  • Deep thoughts behind the plot
  • Engaging mystery
  • Noble hero
  • Free demo
  • Unique Chinese art


  • It does not have multiplayer
  • The game is not available on mobile
The Rewinder

The Rewinder



This is an outstanding game with a well-developed plot and characters you want to befriend. Traditional Chinese culture waits for the new hero. You have unique access to it. The game is not hard to get and you will quickly remember a standard set of controls. This allows you to concentrate on the story that The Rewinder tells you. It may take some time to understand the deep meaning behind every scene. Pay attention to the mythic creatures you will not meet in any other games.

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