Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows

Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows is an application created by Tubi TV, offering the latest version 1.5.5 as of its last update on August 13, 2017. It operates on Android devices that run version 4.0 or newer. The design of Tubi follows modern material design principles, showcasing a card-based interface that enhances user experience. Among apps in the categories of video, audio, TV & video, and social apps, Tubi is ranked third, reaching over 500 million installs according to Google Play. The app's file size is 1.54 GB and it is listed under the video category.


Tubi provides a free service that allows users to enjoy a wide array of films, television shows, and other entertainment offerings on their mobile devices, supporting both Android and iOS. Its extensive library ensures that users have access to fresh entertainment without any subscription fees.


The design of Tubi stands out with its bright red theme, which draws user focus to navigation and content selection. Its clear and streamlined interface is complemented by an engaging scrolling effect, adding to the app's overall appeal.


Tubi excels in usability. Its user-friendly design coupled with an intuitive user interface (UI) offers a seamless experience, making it effortless to discover new movies and TV shows. The app is well-structured, allowing for simple navigation with no reported bugs or glitches, ensuring a stable and efficient application for entertainment needs.


  • Provides free movies and TV shows
  • Multiple categories to choose from
  • It has a simple interface
  • You won't have to worry about watching the ads because it's not in your face


  • It doesn't provide full episodes
  • There are a lot of ads
  • The variety of shows and movies on offer is somewhat restricted
Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows

Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows



This is a great app which is available for free on the Google Play store. It has a great UI, design and usability. The app has a lot of movies, tv shows and other entertainment media on there. This is a great app for anyone.

Image source - play.google.com