Netflix reigns as the largest streaming service, providing the capability to stream films and series both online and offline across a vast array of devices. You can install the app on your mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top boxes, or stream in any desktop browser. Netflix is home to dozens of famous original series of exceptional quality.

99% Original

Almost every title you see in Netflix’s library is original and cannot be streamed on any other platform. Here you can watch such popular titles as The Witcher, Stranger Things,  Cobra Kai, The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, Dark, Umbrella Academy, Peaky Blinders, Umbrella Academy, and many more. You can easily find a genre that will match your taste as Netflix makes action movies, historical drama, romantic comedies, sci-fi series, thrillers, detectives, documentaries, and even high-quality anime titles, including Naruto, Dorohedoro, One Piece, Atack on Titan, and more. You can also switch to a kid profile to reveal only kid-friendly and family content.

One for Five

One Netflix account supports up to 5 profiles. This means that you can share the account with all your family members without interfering with one another’s feeds. Each recommendation you receive is tailored exclusively to the activities within your profile, eliminating the necessity for individual paid accounts for each family member.

For All Your Devices

All the shows are available in HD, Full HD, and 4K UHD so that you can stream them on any of your devices. The application can be found on several platforms, encompassing iOS, Android, and desktop operating systems. It is also pre-installed on numerous Smart TVs and is compatible with well-known gaming consoles, including the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X/S. If your device has storage, you can also download any title to watch it offline. This option is great for travelers and users whose internet connection isn’t good enough to stream shows in 4K. You can simply download the show in top quality and enjoy it without lags. It’s also a good way to save up mobile traffic.

Everything at Once

One of the reasons why millions of users love Netflix so much is that the platform publishes all the episodes of new seasons at once. This implies that you can forgo the week-long wait for the subsequent episode's release and instead indulge in watching all episodes in one go over the weekend. There are no other services that let you do the same.


  • The largest library of original content
  • Modest pricing
  • You can download all the episodes to watch offline
  • Available for mobile, PC, smart TV, consoles, and more
  • FullHD and 4K UHD are available


  • Requires VPN in many countries
  • No live TV




Netflix really deserves the status of the most popular streaming platform as its original titles are exceptionally good and diverse. Here you can not only stream a few hit titles like on Disney+ or HBO but explore dozens of hit titles every year. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the episodes to release as they are all available on the title launch day.

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