ClassDojo is a globally accessible, cloud-driven educational platform crafted to facilitate efficient and user-friendly online interactions among educators, pupils, and their families. The app lets teachers organize workflows and control the educational process without too much effort, while students obtain knowledge in a clear and gamified form.

For Teachers

If you are a teacher, you can use the ClassDojo platform on your device, or computer to unite all the students online and engage them to communicate with you more freely. The system makes it much easier to track the progress of each student and come up with progress boosting solutions based on the objective data.

Using the app during class allows you to gauge the noise level, arrange student teams for specific activities, monitor the duration of tasks, and keep parents updated on the proceedings. You can simply take a photo or record a video of kids working and show it to all the parents simultaneously.

For Students

As a student, rest assured that the app will greatly enhance the excitement of your learning journey. ClassDojo makes communication with teachers much friendlier and lets you stay on top of all school projects and homework 24/7. There’s no chance that you don’t write down your homework anymore as all the tasks and progress are recorded online. You can also create your digital portfolio with images, videos, audio recordings, drawings, and other materials. The only disadvantage is that the system is designed for children in elementary and secondary schools. Older students may not be satisfied with the style.

For Parents

If your children go to a class where ClassDojo is applied, you can connect to the system for free and watch how your kids are doing. Due to private and group chats, you can discuss various questions with teachers and other parents, solve various problems, and ask for the teacher’s advice anytime. As the system is so transparent and kids know that you are always connected and notified of all homework and events, they will try to be more disciplined. Actually, this positive effect has been already proved by hundreds of schools that actively use ClassDojo.


  • Convenient system for communicating with parents
  • A set of useful teacher tools for organizing the process
  • A built-in social network for parents with photos, videos, and progress charts of their children
  • Totally free for teachers and parents
  • Available in most languages


  • The student labeling/ranking system needs improvements
  • The interface style may appear not serious enough for high school




Using ClassDojo, you can greatly improve the educational process in your school by utilizing technology to communicate with students and their parents much more effectively. Surveys show that kids love interacting with devices while studying, so why not let them do it 24/7 to keep in touch with you and get engaged every day? The service is totally free for teachers, parents, and students worldwide.

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