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The Township game is an amazing blend of city-building and farming. Your aim as a player is to develop your dream town, harvest crops at your farms, trade goods with neighbors and friends, open community buildings, and decorate your town to create a vibrant, bustling metropolis. It also involves managing your town’s economic stability to ensure it grows and thrives.
You can level up in Township by gaining experience points, also known as XP. XP can be acquired through various actions, such as completing orders on the Helicopter pad, harvesting crops or goods, and constructing or upgrading buildings. The more XP you collect, the quicker you rise in levels.
Coins can be earned by selling goods at the market, completing orders, helping friends, participating in competitions, and also through daily rewards. Coins can also be purchased using real money.
The market consists of different stalls where you can purchase goods, crops, and items needed for production. It refreshes every few hours and is an excellent resource for when you're short on specific items. You can also visit other player's markets for more variety.
Yes, it is indeed multiplayer. The game allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook or Google, allowing you to visit and explore their towns, help them out, and even participate in competitions together against other co-ops.
The township features various special events regularly, offering unique tasks and valuable rewards. The events range from seasonal competitions to regatta races, treasure hunts, and many more exciting challenges that offer exclusive decorations, coins, and other rewards.
Factories play a crucial role in the Township game. They allow you to process the raw materials you've grown on farms into goods that can be sold or used to complete orders. To use factories, you need to buy them with coins and sometimes T-cash and make sure you have enough population to support it.
Township does not have an in-game option to reset your progress. However, if you uninstall the game and reinstall it, you can start a new game. Please remember that you'll lose all your progress in the old game unless you link it to a social media account.
Yes, it is possible to transfer your game progress to a new device. By connecting your old device to Facebook or Google Play (for Android users) in the game settings, you can use the same account to continue the game on a new device. Log into the same account on the new device, and when Township loads, it should ask if you want to continue with your previous game progress.
While continuous play can speed up progress, Township can be played at your own pace. You can log in whenever you want to harvest crops, complete orders, or just check up on your town. But remember, some items and tasks may take real-time to complete.