Township is a hybrid city-builder and farming simulator created by Playrix. Players assume the mantle of municipal overseers, guiding and fostering a modest settlement until it blossoms into a bustling metropolis. Initially released on November 10, 2013, for Windows and Mac OS X, Township melds strategic gaming with creative town planning.

In Township, players begin with a blank canvas—a barren map waiting to be transformed. Your task is to establish a settlement and construct homes, commercial buildings, farm plots, and various infrastructural entities. As the town evolves, you're responsible for ensuring the prosperity of your citizens by managing farmland productively, providing education, creating employment opportunities, and securing sufficient resources. The township is available for download via reputable platforms on its dedicated "Get" page.

Gameplay Overview

Starting with limited space, players must strategically develop their town by building residences, planting greenery, setting up orchards, and more. Your town's welfare is in your hands, so it's important to provide essential services like healthcare, police, and fire departments. As the town's architect and manager, you must guide its growth into a flourishing urban center, making critical financial decisions over a simulated 30-year span. Progression unlocks new resources and construction options, giving players a sense of advancement and continual engagement.


The visual aesthetic of Township is quaint and appealing, capturing the essence of a town in evolution, complete with dynamic day and night cycles. The game's graphics are uncomplicated and cartoony, prioritizing a pleasant and accessible visual experience over high-end graphical fidelity.


The township provides a significant level of replay value. While the game has no definitive end, as victory conditions are not the primary focus, it provides a canvas for gamers to meet various objectives and manage different scenarios. With each playthrough, you're given the chance to run a unique town with distinct challenges and opportunities.

Availability and Accessibility

  • Township is widely accessible on multiple platforms.
  • For PC gaming enthusiasts, Township is available on the Microsoft Store for download.
  • While the base game of Township is free to play.
  • Additionally, players can enjoy Township on Facebook for added convenience and social connectivity.

In summary, Township is a versatile simulation game that caters to gamers who enjoy city-building and farming management with a charming visual appeal and the potential for endless creative gameplay.


  • It is a fun and addicting game
  • It is very simple to play
  • It is inexpensive
  • It is a good game for children
  • It is a good game for adults
  • It is a very entertaining game


  • It can be frustrating to play
  • It can be difficult to learn
  • It can be difficult to understand
  • It is a slow-paced game




Township is a fun and addicting game. It is simple to play. It is inexpensive. It is a good game for children. It is a good game for adults. It is a very entertaining game. It can be frustrating to play. It can be difficult to learn. It can be difficult to understand. It is a slow-paced game. It can be frustrating to play. It can be difficult to understand.

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