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You can find Pico Park for Nintendo on the official website. The link is on this very page in the “Get App” section. Press it, and you will be redirected to the Pico Park developers’ site. Choose whether you want to buy it from the US or UK eShop and you will be sent to the Nintendo store.
Yes, we offer the direct link for the Windows version on the Steam Store. Press the “Get for PC” button. You will be sent to the Pico Park page there. Now, check the basic requirements of the game and make sure it is compatible with your system. You may also open the Steam Store from the Pico Park website.
To play this game, you need to have Windows 7 or later. There must be a 64-bit processor and 4 GB RAM memory. As for the empty space, you need to have 100 MB minimum. It is better to have extra space, just in case. Since the game is multiplayer you need to have a strong Internet connection to play with friends.
Although Pico Park is not free to play, you’ll still find it pretty affordable. To download the game’s full version, you have to pay only $4.99. For a long time, its Alpha version was available on the official website for completely free. However, after several years, Tecopark developers decided to raise the price.
This game is a multiplayer co-op. You have to solve a wide range of versatile riddles together with other players. You can invite up to 7 other friends to join you. Use a shared screen to play together. The minimal requirement is 2 players. Before you enter the game, make sure the Internet connection is reliable.
There are several modes that make this game exciting and improve its replay value. You may choose whether you want to enter battle mode, endless mode, or world mode. World mode is also known as online play mode. It offers players to join you around the world. Battle mode is highly competitive. Endless mode is available after 48 stages of the classic game.
This is a puzzle game. You have to successfully pass through the wide range of gimmicks that appear on each level for you and your friends. You have to discuss your further actions with each other to be able to perform the task. Each level is different. You need to get the key at the end of each trial.
Although there are no mobile versions of the Pico Park game yet, you can still find similar games for your Android or iOS. Check out Chompy Chomp Chomp for Android, Stick Fight: The Game for Android and iOS. Another well-developed co-op filled with puzzles is Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, available on iOS, Android, Nintendo, Windows, and macOS.
Pico Park offers you numerous riddles to solve, so you need to have fast analytic thinking. The cute cats in front of you may distract you from achieving your goals in time. Besides, there are 48 levels with different tasks. It is better to keep talking with friends on Zoom or Discord and discuss your ideas about the gimmick.
You can download Pico Park from official stores. It costs $4.99 only and is pretty affordable. Instead, you receive securities. Your device will not get malware as it can be on torrents. We don’t recommend using suspicious sources to download games since you risk getting viruses.