PICO PARK is an entertaining puzzle platformer game that was created and released by TECOPARK Studios in 2019. However, developers added PICO PARK to Steam only in May 2021. It is a multiplayer game that allows you to team-up with your friends and complete various puzzles together. You can download PICO PARK for Nintendo Switch and Windows platforms. The game is not free to download. However, once you purchase it, you will not have to perform any additional in-game purchases.


PICO PARK is a multiplayer game that allows you to add up to 8 players on a map. The levels of the game adjust to the number of players in a lobby. So it does not matter how many players are currently in the game 2 or 8. You still will be able to complete the puzzles. PICO PARK offers a few different game modes. For example, “World Mode” requires you to look for the key and the exit. To get the key, you need to cooperate with your friends and help each other to overcome different obstacles. “Endless Mode” allows you to endlessly cooperate with your friends and aim for a higher score. “Battle Mode” allows players to compete with each other and separates players into teams.


PICO PARK graphics have a lot in common with other platformers. You will see your characters roaming across the levels with the help of the side view the game offers. All the obstacles can be clearly visible. Your goal is to cooperate with your friends in the correct way, so you could avoid or overcome a certain trap. The game is colorful, which definitely makes it look more interesting. Thanks to the graphics, you do not need a strong PC to run the game. You will need approximately 4GB of RAM and 100MB of free space on your Hard Drive or SSD to run the game. You can also play the game from one device using Split Screen mode. Download PICO PARK and enjoy the game.


PICO PARK controls are not complicated. You will need to get used to the speed of characters and animations to properly manipulate your character. Getting used to the controls should not take you more than an hour or two. At the same time, PICO PARK is a dynamic game, so you always need to be focused, careful, and perform quick decisions while playing.

Cross-platform play

You can play PICO PARK on Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms with the help of the multiplayer game mode. However, the game does not offer cross-platform play. That means that you will not be able to play with players who use another platform. Hopefully, developers will provide their players with such a feature in the future updates.


  • Straightforward controls
  • Many game modes available
  • Graphics do not require a strong device
  • Many exciting levels


  • The game does not offer cross-platform play




We recommend you to download PICO PARK because it is a fun game that allows you to cooperate with your friends and complete many different levels together. The graphics of the game look good and you will easily distinguish all the objects and traps. The game is not free to download, but you will be able to get all the future downloads for free.

What's new?

PICO PARK puzzle game was originally created for the Windows PC platform. Teco Park, the Japanese developer of the game, released the Nintendo Switch version recently. There are two playable versions you can download. The best news is that Pico Park Classic Edition is completely free. It is available on Steam. You can download it and enjoy it with up to 10 players. Classic Edition was released back in 2016. However, if you want to play the advanced version, you have to pay $4.99. If you are looking for a way to play this game on Android and iOS, you should install TecoGamePad. According to the Teco Park developer, you will be able to turn your phone into a gamepad. You will find the links on the official website. It is free to download. However, pay attention to the fact that the app was created to play Pico Park, and you still have to buy the game. It connects you with the game after you download both apps on your phone. You have to use the same local network to be able to play. On August 19, 2021, Teco Park developer wrote on the official page on Twitter that there might be an Android version of the game in the future. However, the developer still can’t decide whether it is better to make the new mobile version or release the second part of the game that supports Cross-Play. Teco is currently trying to make Pico Park available online for everyone.
Image source - store.steampowered.com