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We have linked the official sources of the game, including its website, where you can find both mobile versions and the one for PC.
The game does have an online version, plus its minigames are available in the online mode. However, an Internet connection is not strictly necessary.
Yes, it is. You don’t need to pay to get the files required to install it.
Gacha Life is available to Windows PC users as well as mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.
This is a very lightweight game that only needs 512 MB RAM and will run on Windows 7 and greater as long as you can afford 200 MB disk space.
There are several ways players can earn gems in Gacha Life. One of the most common ways is by playing mini-games, such as Math Master or Phantom’s Remix, which reward players with gems upon winning. Another way is by interacting with NPCs and successfully completing their tasks.
To make the most of Gacha Life's Studio Mode, you have to be creative and imaginative. This mode allows you to create scenes that involve different characters and backgrounds. You can customize the characters' emotions, poses, and dialogues to suit the story you are trying to build.
Yes, there are a lot of mods available, although not officially supported by the creators and thus risky.
To level up faster in Gacha Life, make sure to frequently participate in mini-games and complete tasks given by NPCs as both of these actions reward you with experience points. Additionally, connecting daily to the game and interacting with different characters can help you level up more quickly.
The general idea is similar. As a sequel, Gacha Club has new locations and characters.