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Yes, there is an iOS version of the game. Apart from iOS, you can find Minecraft for the Android platform. The game is available for all platforms, and you can download its Windows and Mac versions from the official website.
You can install Minecraft in a few moves. Find the “Get the App” button under the game’s description. Tap it. You will be redirected to the new page with links to different versions. Find the “Get iOS version” button. Tap it. You will be redirected to the download page at the Apple Store.
Minecraft has never been a free game. You have to pay $6.99 to play it on your iPhone. This is a fair price for several modes and multiple features. You also can buy extra realms. One realm for 2 people costs $3.99 per month. There are versatile items in the App Store for the game, from $1.99 to $9.99.
It depends on the platform you are using. Minecraft is available for a free trial on Android, Windows 10, PS4, PS3, and Vita. The trial length is different for each platform. However, there is no free trial for iOS. If you are an iOS owner, you can check out realms for 10 players for a 30-day free trial period.
No, you need to make sure that your iOS version is compatible with the game. You should have an iOS 10 system or later for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Since the game is 309.4 MB, you need to have enough empty space.
Minecraft has several modes. If you prefer to stay offline, you can choose creative or survival mode, and play against the game. If you want to play with your friends, you can pay a monthly subscription and enter Minecraft Realms. It is an online world.
All Minecraft mods, including survival, creative, spectator mods are available for both platforms. You can also choose Realms and play with your friends online. This option is also available for iOS and Android.
The version for Android costs $7.49 on Google Play. If you need more tools or resources, you can buy them at the store.
We strongly advise you against trying to get this game from pirate torrents. Games from such sources are unprotected and may contain malicious software, harmful to your phone or laptop. Try to avoid unreliable websites that offer free games.
No, we don’t sell any games or apps here. We have gathered the most reliable links of the game stores for your laptop and phones. Minecraft links will bring you to Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS, and official Minecraft store for other platforms.

How to get Minecraft

This page contains links to the official sources of the app Minecraft. So that you do not have problems with getting the app, we have prepared a detailed instruction.

  • To quickly and painlessly get the Minecraft app on the Official Store, you should use the following instructions.
  • Go to the Get iOS Version button.
  • If you use a browser on a PC or mobile device, you'll go to the Minecraft app page on the official store website.
  • To get the app through the browser, you need to log in to your account in the store and add it to the library.