The time-travel adventure game Wanderer adds a new spin to the genre with captivating gameplay and immersive set pieces. Become Asher Neumann, a time traveler sucked into a world where history has taken a different turn, leading to global cataclysms. Wanderer lures you in with its captivating tale and keeps you engaged with a plethora of inventive puzzles.

The Time-Traveling Tales

Following in the footsteps of popular series like Quantum Leap and Dark, Wanderer sets you on a time-bending mission compelled by an enigmatic force that hopes to correct history. However, don't expect a spoon-fed story. Much of the narrative is intertwined with in-game items like books, posters, and videos. These subtle clues reveal the story sparingly, making you invest more effort to decipher their meanings. The final quarter of the game sees the story heightened, delivering an effective climax.

The Puzzles of Time

Cleverly integrated puzzles are the lifeblood of Wanderer. Continually challenging the player, these puzzles may require you to move back and forth through time or places and collect specific items critical to solving them. The game maintains a high level of engagement, whether you're interpreting a code etched on an ancient Mayan tablet or piecing together an Enigma machine. The game's challenging nature can sometimes cause frustration, but this is balanced by the rewarding sensation of solving the riddles.

A Step Into Diverse Eras

Teleportation in Wanderer utilizes key items you discover during your journey. These items, when inserted into your wristwatch device controlled by Sam, transport you to intriguing, time-diverse locales. While this time-traveling adventure can be slightly convoluted with several moving parts, it is undeniably engaging. Remember, reckless actions, like damaging a historical figure, can get you expelled from the timeline.

Arcade Fun Amidst Time Travel

Wanderer beautifully interrupts the grueling puzzle-solving journey with refreshing arcade-style activities. Whether it's performing the beat of a drum at Woodstock or restoring an entire hydroelectric power plant, these segments serve as fun distractions from the game's heavy storyline.

Visuals and Controls

The game's visual craftsmanship and ability to incorporate compelling textures and real-like objects add a layer of authenticity. Coupled with excellent script and voice acting, it guarantees an absorbing experience. However, the game stumbles when it comes to object interaction. The operation of Sam's menu can be challenging, which might lead to frustrating gameplay moments. Improvements in this area could elevate the gaming experience significantly.

Despite the occasional gameplay glitches and the need for better object interaction, Wanderer is a solid contender in the VR gaming arena. It's a game that intricately weaves story, puzzle-solving, and immersion in an impressive manner. Wanderer serves as a symbol of the genre's capacity, heralding an exhilarating journey for those in pursuit of a thrilling, mind-twisting odyssey.


  • Engaging puzzles
  • Convincingly immersive environments
  • Top-notch voice acting
  • Smooth locomotion and teleportation mechanics


  • Clunky object interaction
  • Sparse storyline
  • Potential for bugs causing interruptions in gameplay
  • Seated mode issues




Image source - store.steampowered.com