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The player steps into the shoes of Asher Neumann, an unwitting hero who finds himself on a journey to change the course of history. Asher's quest begins with the discovery of his grandfather's lost apartment and the mysterious artifacts hidden inside. Armed with an unusual wristwatch, he can traverse time and space, ultimately aiming to prevent the collapse of civilization.
Wanderer features a blend of escape room-style puzzles, tactile, hands-on interaction, and action arcade sequences. The game leverages VR technology to create an immersive environment where players are taken back through the ages to reshape humanity’s fortune.
The unusual wristwatch that Asher discovers is more than just a timepiece. It's a powerful tool that allows for the traversal of time and space. With this wristwatch, players can visit different historical eras and interact with various characters from the past to influence the course of history.
Wanderer has a balanced mix of escape room-style puzzles, immersive environment interaction, and action sequences. The puzzles typically involve decoding messages, uncovering secrets, and defending civilizations. The action sequences, however, could involve playing to large crowds or defending against invaders.
Players will go back in time to experience various significant periods in human history. They may find themselves experimenting alongside notable inventors, playing music to a crowd of hippies, defending ancient civilizations from attack, decoding covert messages during a war, and unearthing secrets of the space race.
Unfortunately, Wanderer is built specifically for VR, so it cannot be played without the appropriate equipment. The immersive, tactile experiences that the game offers are best enjoyed through a VR headset.
The puzzles in Wanderer are designed to be engaging and challenging, drawing the player deeper into the storyline. They range in scope and difficulty to keep the player consistently engaged, emphasizing both problem-solving ability and quick thinking.
Currently, Wanderer is a single-player game that prioritizes individual puzzle-solving and adventure. The exploration and manipulation of various historical eras is a journey that the player undertakes alone.
The completion time for Wanderer may vary depending on the player’s speed at solving puzzles and progressing through the storyline. However, with its immersive storyline and intricate puzzles, it's designed to provide a substantial gameplay experience.
Wanderer was designed specifically for VR platforms and will typically be available wherever VR games are sold, including popular digital game stores. Please check with specific retailers for platform availability.