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Ratty Catty

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No, the game is not free to download. Its price is $14.99.
You will be able to download the game for Windows platform. The app is not available for any other platform.
You will need 1GB of free space and 2GB of RAM to be able to properly run the game.
Yes, Ratty Catty is an online game that allows 4 players to play with each other.
If you play as Ratty, you will need to find food in the house and provide your babies with it. If you play as Catty, your mission is to use different equipment to provide Ratty from getting to the food.
Yes, Ratty Catty characters can be changed thanks to the different skins available.
No, the house is randomized. So you will have to get used to learning the rooms.
Yes, the game allows you to connect a gamepad and control characters with its help.
Yes, at the moment, they are working on new updates, where they will add new game modes, level editor, and new maps.