Ratty Catty

It's clear to see what Ratty Catty had in mind: a delightful homage to the age-old rivalry of cat and mouse, reminiscent of the classic Tom and Jerry antics. But, does it hit the mark or miss the opportunity to create an enjoyable game?

A Nostalgic Nod to Cartoon Classics

The game makes no secret of its inspiration and aims to capture the chaotic charm of the well-loved cartoon. It positions itself as an asymmetrical multiplayer game with a focus on playful skirmishes rather than strategic gameplay. This approach aligns well with its cartoonish roots and could potentially provide some unexpected fun, especially when playing with friends. However, the game struggles to fully deliver on its potential.

Visual Presentation: A Letdown

Unfortunately, the graphics represent a major stumbling block for Ratty Catty. The visuals are uninspired and outdated, looking more like they belong in an older mobile game than a modern PC game. This lacklustre visual presentation can really strain your computer's video card, which seems like a high price to pay for such mediocre graphics.

Sound Design: Merely Present

Complementing (or perhaps, compounding) the visual issues, the sound design is simply present, without being remarkable in either a positive or negative sense. The sounds of the game exist alongside the visual aspect, neither enhancing nor detracting from the overall experience. The accompanying music is passable but does nothing to counterbalance the shortcomings in the visual department.

Gameplay: A Mixed Bag

The gameplay experience can be described as a mixed bag. The AI component of the game is often unpredictable, with outcomes that seem to rely more on luck than strategy. This inconsistency can make solo play a frustrating experience. However, the game shines slightly brighter when played with friends. A particular kind of pleasure arises when all the elements converge, and the game's systems harmonize, resulting in brief instances of entertainment.


  • Inspired by a beloved cartoon classic
  • Can provide moments of fun when played with friends


  • Poor graphics
  • Unimpressive sound design
  • Inconsistent gameplay
  • Lack of public matches
  • Not worth the price tag
Ratty Catty

Ratty Catty



Ratty Catty leaves a lot to be desired. It's a game that promises an enjoyable, cartoon-inspired cat and mouse chase but unfortunately falls short in several areas. There's an undeniable charm to the concept, but the poor graphics, unremarkable sound design and inconsistent gameplay make it a difficult sell. Try the game at your own risk, and remember that the digital world can be less forgiving when it comes to refunds.

Image source - store.steampowered.com