Google Pay (Tez) - a simple and secure payment app logo, game review

Google Pay (Tez) - a simple and secure payment app

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Google Pay (Tez) - a simple and secure payment app

Google Pay is the mobile payment app for any money transactions. This app was created and released by Google LLC. The app is available for owners of 5.0 Android and later. It is free of charge. The app is on-demand around the world. It was downloaded more than 100 million times from Google Play Store. You can pay for food, versatile services, receive money, and even save them. The app does not require any specific knowledge.

Main Features of Google Pay

Google Pay is a popular app that allows you to pay your bills online. However, there are much more services you can use via the app. All you need to do is to download it on your Android. Using it every day may also bring you benefits. The main features users appreciate:

  • Advanced security. Since the app provides financial operations and uses your personal data, it is a highly secured service. There is anti-fraud and hacking protection, no matter whether you are online or offline. Every transaction has the UPI PIN. You can also install the smart lock on the account, including the fingerprint;
  • You can pay all the bills for water, gas, electricity, landline, broadband;
  • Recharge the mobile plan via this app;
  • You have access to the balance of your bank account;
  • Every time you use it, you receive cash rewards or beneficial offers;
  • There is a service that allows you to book your flights, buy tickets for buses, trains, and so on. You can easily order food online;
  • You can receive the money from other people via this app, using your bank account. If there is no bank in the Google Pay system but you have to send money there, you can still do this, using the UPI transfer.

How Easy is Google Pay?

Google Pay was created to ease the life of users who use mobile phones every day. It allows you to pay your bills or order services in a few taps. Although the procedure of payment is simple and fast, there are multiple tools on the screen that appear after you enter the app. You have to get used to it if you want to learn all your possibilities. The color palette of the app is bright blue and white. You can see the people you pay or receive payments from with their Google account photos. Every procedure is briefly explained on the screen.
All the buttons are signed. They also have familiar icons, so you will not mistake them for anything else. Yet, you may suddenly get lost in the multiple services the app offers. The interface is not crystal clear and it requires some time for you to learn it. Since there is no rush, you can take some time to check all the features it offers.


  • Ability to pay your bills
  • You can order anything via the app
  • You may receive payments from banks around the world
  • The app offers high security
  • It is totally free of charge


  • The interface looks a little bit messy
  • You have to provide your personal information

out of 5


Google Pay has multiple benefits. Apart from being free of charge and available for countries around the world, it provides you with vital services during lockdown time. You can pay your bills and order food without leaving the house. Paying online brings you bonuses.

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