Feed and Grow: Fish

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Feed and Grow: Fish

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The game can be found on gaming stores as well as its official website.
You need at least Direct3D 11.0 with no less than 2GB VRAM and 4 (preferably 8) GB RAM. The recommended video card is GTX 970 and better
The game is rated 17+, most probably due to the carnivorous feeding animations.
Not yet. Unfortunately, you need a Windows PC to play it. An online mode is available as well.
No. The game has not been announced to be compatible with any console so far.
No, it is not. You need to pay an official price to get the download file and install the app.
The latest update announced was 0.14.1, presented in March 2020. This added a new launcher as well as a new fish species.
Of course it does! See if you can afford to confront the Great White Shark, the Sperm Whale, the Arapaima, and more intimidating creatures that dominate the ocean!
There’s a wide range of mods, all unofficial, to enhance the variety of fish that you encounter as well as the setting you have to survive in.
The purpose of Challenge is to eat a certain amount of representatives of a specific fish species.