Feed and Grow: Fish

"Feed and Grow: Fish" is an immersive simulation game set beneath the waves, where you assume the life of a marine organism. Your primary task is to consume smaller marine food items, thereby increasing your size and enabling you to challenge and devour larger prey. As the game advances, you'll encounter progressively difficult levels that require you to skillfully guide your fish, eat to survive, and steer clear of dangers. The obstacles presented to you range from immovable barriers to roaming predators keen on making a meal of your character. Additionally, the game offers various power-ups that can either enhance your capabilities or present additional challenges, including abilities such as a speed increase, an extra life, a protective shield, and a magnetic pull for attracting food items.

The game boasts an easy interface and is characterized by bright and enticing graphics. The aesthetics are pleasing, with the fish and the underwater environment rendered in 3D with realistic and vibrant visuals.

"Feed and Grow: Fish" offers a multi-platform gameplay experience, accessible on devices. Gamers have the option to navigate their fish using either touch-based inputs or the arrow keys on a keyboard.

There are three distinct modes to choose from:

  • "Arcade" Mode: Starting as a diminutive fish, your objective is to consume as many smaller fish as you can.
  • "Challenge" Mode: You are tasked with devouring a set quantity of a specific type of fish, which is identified at the start of the level.
  • "Survival" Mode: As you step into the fins of a bigger fish, your mission is to devour smaller marine creatures while adeptly avoiding various obstacles that the underwater landscape presents.

Although the game’s multiplayer component may not be its strongest feature, "Feed and Grow: Fish" offers decent replay value due to its compelling gameplay and attractive design. Some players might find the game relatively short-lived, yet it presents enough interest for occasional revisits.

Despite its intriguing concept and appealing visuals, the game's downside is its limited scope in terms of levels and multiplayer capability, which could be expanded for enhanced enjoyment. The game shows great promise but may leave players longing for a more extensive experience. Yet, for individuals enchanted by the premise of underwater survival, this downside might not substantially lessen their overall pleasure.


  • Good and pleasant graphics
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Interesting and amusing characters
  • Good music


  • The game is too short
Feed and Grow: Fish

Feed and Grow: Fish



Overall this game is good-looking, but it is too short. It has very good potential, and if it had more developed multiplayer, it would be a very good game. Unfortunately, it has only a few levels and it is very easy to complete them.

What's new?

You can download Feed and Grow: Fish on your PC from the Steam Store. The game is still in early access with developers trying to create multiplayer mode and provide more features. Hopefully, they will be able to provide Android APK or iOS, but for now, there is only a Windows PC option. It is highly unlikely that there will be S3, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox X versions of Feed and Grow. After you buy the game, you receive access to its installation on Steam.
Image source - store.steampowered.com