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Among Us is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You will find the links to these versions here, on this page.
All you need to do is follow the signs. Under the description of the game, you will find the icon with the Among Us image and the button “Get the app.” Press it. You will see the page with instructions and two light green buttons “Get from the official site” and “Get for PC.” Tap the first one if you need any other versions except for PC, and you will be redirected to the Among Us website. Pick the “Get for PC” if you need to get the game on Windows.
To install the game on the Windows platform, you need to have a Windows 7 system at least. There must be 250 MB minimum and 1 GB RAM. As for Android, you need to have a 6.0 system or later. iPhone, iPod, and iPad must be 13.0 or later.
No, Among Us is not completely free of charge. It depends on the platform you use. Android and iOS versions will cost you nothing. As for the rest, you have to pay $4.99 to receive unlimited features. If you want to buy items in your Android or iOS game, you can do it via the App or Google Play stores.
No, this platform was created for apps and game reviews. Consider it as a helpful catalog of all the games that might interest you. We have links on the Among Us website and Steam store for your convenience.
Among Us is an online multiplayer game. You can connect with your friends by cross-platform mode and play against them. It is similar to a Mafia party game, so you can’t play offline.
To win as an Imposter, you must either eliminate enough Crewmates so the number equals the number of Imposters remaining, or successfully sabotage the ship leading to a countdown which, if not resolved by the Crewmates, results in an Imposter victory. Remember, the key is to be deceptive and avoid any suspicions. It is beneficial to blend in, pretend to complete tasks, and create confusion during discussions to sway suspicions away from yourself.
Some effective strategies for Crewmates include keeping an eye on everyone and noticing suspicious behavior, sticking together in groups as it's harder for the Imposter to kill without being noticed, keeping track of the tasks completed by others, and communicating effectively during discussion periods.
Players can communicate in Among Us during the discussion periods that start after a dead body report or an emergency meeting. They communicate using the in-game chat feature, where they can present evidence, alibis, and suspicions. In private games, some players use third-party voice chat services for a more immersive experience.
During a voting round, all the players discuss who they suspect to be The Imposter based on the evidence they gathered during gameplay. After the discussion, players cast their votes to eject an individual they consider suspicious. The player with the highest number of votes is booted off the spaceship. If there's a tie, no one gets ejected.