Miasma Chronicles

Swedish developers The Bearded Ladies are back in the spotlight with their third creation, Miasma Chronicles. This groundbreaking game exemplifies its developers' signature style, celebrated for blending real-time stealth with strategic turn-based combat—a distinctive approach previously demonstrated in their celebrated titles Corruption 2029 and Mutant Year Zero. The synergy of subtle maneuvers and strategic combat has been elevated in Miasma Chronicles, cementing the developers' intriguing yet calculated gaming formula.

A World Marred by Destruction and Plague

Miasma Chronicles takes you to a post-apocalyptic version of America a century and a half after a societal downfall. The world is fraught with miasma, an iron plague that decimates everything in its path. The protagonist is a charismatic young survivor named Elvis, equipped with a mystifying mechanical glove left by his missing mother. The game uses this intriguing premise to set an eerie ambiance perfected by the environment sparkling with thousands of destructive miasma particles. 

Post-Apocalypse Redefined: Eye-Catching Graphics 

The graphics in Miasma Chronicles are unquestionably impressive. The game boasts a detailed dystopian landscape punctuated by dilapidated buildings and defaced historical monuments. Echoes of the collapsed civilization are masterfully intertwined with the destructively beautiful aesthetics of encroaching miasma. The exploration experience is captivating, giving you a chance to navigate through the skeletal remains of the once bustling cities; finding yourself wandering in an abandoned airport surrounded by broken planes paints a startling image of interrupted human history.

Character Interactions: A Mixed Bag

Regrettably, the allure fades when it comes to the aspects of comedy and character interactions. The attempts at comedy often fall flat and fail to lighten the otherwise grim atmosphere. The veneer of satire, embodied in the "First Family" VIPs, doesn't stir much excitement either. Furthermore, the character dynamics, particularly between Elvis, his companion Jade, and the community they serve, leave room for improvement. The additional character of Diggs, portrayed as Elvis' robotic 'bro', relies heavily on out-of-context one-liners and clichéd personality traits.

Mission Design: Room for Improvement

The developers have fallen into the trap of uninspiring missions. The plotline, which revolves around trading favors, is undeniably predictable, and most interactions don’t extend beyond transactional exchanges. Miasma Chronicles seemingly relies upon the intensity of combat encounters to make up for any storyline shortcomings.

Conclusion: Unleashing Strategic Warfare

That said, once you’re embroiled in the strategic battles, complaints about storyline and character depth take a backseat. After all, you need to concentrate on strategizing against a wide array of foes, such as miasma monsters and mutant amphibians. Borrowing some elements from its predecessors, Miasma Chronicles makes each fight a gratifying puzzle of maneuvers and action points, akin to XCOM.


  • Stunning and detailed post-apocalyptic graphics
  • Immersive atmosphere and intriguing premise.


  • Lackluster humor and flat character dynamics
  • Uninspiring and predictable mission design.
Miasma Chronicles

Miasma Chronicles



So, Miasma Chronicles, despite its drawbacks, delivers on tactical battles and breath-taking graphics. The post-apocalyptic adventure beckons for those who appreciate strategic warfare and breathtaking environments.

Image source - store.steampowered.com