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To progress faster, it's recommended to focus on building up your Castle, since it governs the level of all other buildings. Also, make sure you're joining a guild as soon as possible for extra protection and benefits. Efficient resource management, strategic troop training, using speed-ups wisely, and capitalizing on game events can also hasten your progress.
New heroes can be unlocked through Hero Stages (also known as Elite Stages), which become available after clearing certain main stages. Win these stages to earn medals that can be exchanged to recruit specific Heroes.
In Lord's Mobile, the combat system revolves around the "rock-paper-scissors" mechanic. The various troops are categorized as Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, or Siege, each with its strengths and weaknesses against other types. Effectively mixing your troops based on enemies' compositions can swing the battles in your favor.
In Lords Mobile, the guild system is one of the vital elements. Being part of a guild allows you to participate in inter-guild wars, obtain unique items and bonuses, and get help from guildmates. You can either join an existing guild by sending a request or create your own guild.
Having a solid defense is crucial in Lords Mobile. Make sure to constantly upgrade your walls, traps, and troops. Joining a strong guild can also serve as a protective measure against attacks. Always be strategic, scout enemy kingdoms before attack, and never leave your troops unattended.
Gems are a premium currency in Lords Mobile and can be earned by completing Hell Events, Solo Events, Guild Events, or by purchasing from the store. You can also earn gems from treasure trove investments, by hunting monsters, or as rewards in the Colosseum.
Monster Hunt is a feature that allows players to attack monsters that spawn on the kingdom map. Players can use energy to attack these monsters. Successful hunts give various rewards, including resources, speed-ups, and special chests.
The Kingdom Rankings display the ranking of all kingdoms based on their performance in the Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) event. Rankings are determined by the total number of points earned by all the players in a kingdom during the KvK.
When your castle is destroyed, it does not disappear but goes into a 'destroyed' state. Your castle will automatically recover over time. However, you'll lose a percentage of your resources, and your leader may get captured if they were in the castle during the attack.
There are three main ways to rescue a captured leader: by diplomatic negotiation, which usually involves paying a ransom; by launching an attack on the captor's castle; or simply waiting until the leader is automatically released after a certain period of time.