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Since the app is mobile-oriented, you can find it on official web stores for the respective platform, i.e., Google Play for Android.
Being the “lite” edition of the basic app, it only takes up 15 MB of space on your Android phone, meaning you can use it as long as you have a good Internet connection.
The Lite edition is offered to Android mobile phone users. No further announcements have been made so far.
No, there’s none. If you want to enjoy TikTok on your PC, you can choose the full Desktop version.
Yes, it is, just like the full-fledged (as opposed to Lite) edition. Just download it and enjoy.
It is. Talking about music use, the app offers a library of songs for which it has an agreement to spare its users legal trouble.
This app is smaller and takes up less storage space than the regular version. It is friendlier towards users who have slow Internet connection and generally enough for watching videos.
If your app is taking forever to load or is otherwise unusable, try restarting your phone and possibly updating TikTok Lite if that doesn’t help.
This can be caused by an app failure usually solved by restarting it and/or rebooting the device. Otherwise, check its permissions and try clearing the cache.
The current version found on Google Play for Android devices is 20.1.1.