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Timberborn is a city builder game with unique contractors and approaches to the work. The game is still in early access. For now, you can preorder Timberborn at the Steam store. It was developed by Mechanistry. The game will be released on September 15, 2021.


You can download Timberborn on September 15. However, Steam already offers to add the game to your wishlist. Once it is available, you will get access to your quickly building colonies. After you install Timberborn, you turn into a beaver. You have to think like a beaver and build like a beaver. The thing is, there is no one left on earth except animals. Now beavers are desperately trying to save the planet and to build new settlements.

You can choose among factions and begin to create the colony. Timberborn on PC offers a single-player mode only. The good news is you don’t need to stay connected to the Internet once you download the game. Players will concentrate on their roles in one of the factions. You can be either in team Folktails or Iron Teeth. Folktails love nature and build eco-friendly colonies. Iron Teeth enjoy the progress and go industrious. Apart from building the colony, you have to prepare for dry and wet seasons and natural disasters. Based on your decisions your settlement will either survive or die. Don’t forget to take the river under control to receive the important source at your disposal after you order Timberborn.


Although there are no human beings in this city builder, Timberborn can amaze you with its beauty. Cute beavers, who work non-stop to build a new civilization, are something you have to see. There is still no information on the Timberborn mobile version. Developers do not plan to release Timberborn for Xbox this year as well. However, on an ordinary Windows 7 with GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon RX 460, you will enjoy outstanding graphics. You may pick whether you want to see more steam-punk-inspired buildings or nature-focused ones. There are lots of city builders on PS4, Xbox, PC, or other platforms, but this one is a must-have for sure. Check out the atmospheric settlements you will be improving day after day.


There is no linear plot in the game. You can build the city as you want to see it. The only one and main condition is to be able to withstand any natural disasters, including floods. Once you control the river, you can switch to building the power plants and improving the lives of other beavers in the settlement. After some time you will want to extend the area and build a wide range of constructions until it is turned into a prosperous city. Use all free resources in the game. Make sure you check out all the features that Timberborn offers. Although there will be no free download and the game will cost $24.99, it is a fair price to pay for the entertainment.


out of 5


There are thousands of different builders offered to the players. Yet, there is still a lack of cute builders in them. Timberborn fixes this problem, allowing you to control hard-working beavers who can literally build cities in a blink of an eye. This game has all the chances to be on top of the charts.

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