Welcome to Timberborn, where beavers rule! This city-builder game's delightful twist is in placing the fate of an ever-expanding beaver settlement solely in your hands. From unlocking new technological advancements to wrestling with environmental challenges, Timberborn offers a unique gaming experience. But does it stand apart from the crowd? Let me walk you through this.

The Unfolding Rhythm of Settlement Development

Throughout my time with this game, a rhythmic flow became apparent. Building your beaver settlement is all about balance—supplying enough wood to meet demand, ensuring enough lodging and storage space, and continuously advancing toward the construction of better establishments. The question of when to step up to a new building scheme, whether it be flour production or forest regeneration, can make or break your game.

The Gentle and Engrossingly Simple Environment

Timberborn's world is less harsh than comparable city-builders out there. The key allure lies in its simplistic charm, where the game rarely spirals out of control, providing ample breathing space to fix any mishaps. For those seeking higher difficulty levels, they are available, though they stray from the game's calm demeanor. The appearance is pleasingly simple, with subtle traces of a backstory where beavers now rule the world—it's an inviting space to occupy.

Innovative Environmental Events

One of the gaming aspects I found most exciting is the interactive environmental events. The player gets to manipulate the rivers, judiciously altering their directions and stirring up vegetation in the process. The possibility of intentionally triggering this through the erection of dams adds a delightful twist. These malleable worlds encourage organic growth. Your settlement feels akin to a nurturing home instead of merely an incessant wood-consuming behemoth.

Benevolent Critiques

Nonetheless, while Timberborn possesses allure and fascination, it needs a bit more differentiation from other games within its category to stand out. The humble beaver population and unique wooden technology bring a particular charm, but their usage could be intensified for a more engaging experience. The addition of more animations—for instance, lively beavers taking down trees—could infuse more vitality into the gaming world.

An Enveloping Experience

Despite this critique, Timberborn captivated me. There's a visceral pleasure in planning a beaver settlement, catering to both their practical demands and aesthetic desires. Maintaining an intricate network of wooden cogs to preserve the operational integrity of sophisticated constructs, while simultaneously preserving the quaint allure of your village, adds a captivating dimension to the experience. The landscaping features offered by the game and the mental challenges these present could appeal to certain gamers.


  • Unique beaver focus
  • Engaging environmental events
  • Balance of practical needs with aesthetic wants


  • Needs more distinct features
  • Could use more animation to bring more life




While it is unclear how long Timberborn will hold my attention, it certainly offers an intriguing and wholesome gameplay experience. For those seeking a serene settlement management game pepper with adorable beavers, Timberborn is hard to beat.

Image source - store.steampowered.com