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Traditional expansion packs for The Sims 4 have typically revolved around adding fresh elements that complement the core game. Exceptions to this trend, like the Seasons expansion, which has bamboozled players by infusing a wholesome sense of time progression, manage to transform the gameplay so exceptionally that the expansion becomes indispensable over time. The latest expansion, 'Growing Together', aims to replicate this phenomenon, bringing an invigorating breath of realism to familial interactions amidst Sims.

Bringing Family Bonds to Life

Focusing on the portrayal of realistic and dynamic relationships among Sims, Growing Together banks upon its two main features - family dynamic and social compatibility. Under the family dynamic, the relationship between family members can be pre-set, orchestrating the course their interactions take, thereby naturally tailoring their camaraderie. This leads to immersive gameplay where siblings can share distinct relationships or parents can adopt varying child-rearing dynamics.

At Odds or Hand in Glove? - Social compatibility

On the other hand, the social compatibility feature serves as a determinant of the natural chemistry Silvio Revans have, giving players a peek into whether their Sims would hit it off as buddies or hold competing dispositions. Although it may seem like these are simple add-ons to the terrain of existing mechanics, the enhanced realism they embed in social interactions is palpable, especially when it comes to family gameplay.

Milestone Markers

The Sims 4 expansion also introduces the milestone system, highlighting key moments in a Sim's life. These memories range from a toddler's babble to a Sim's first flush of love, recording their journey with a tinge of nostalgia and meaning. Apart from unveiling novel interactions, it serves as a heart-warming narrative arc that helps track a Sim's growth.

Painting Infancy

Alongside these intriguing features, Sims' youngest stage, infancy, finds a new place in the base game. Although they add adorable complexity to the arena of parenting and early childhood, the full potential of infants can only be unleashed with the Growing Together expansion. Filled with over 20 infant quirks, the expansion attempts to paint authentic and gratifyingly challenging experiences of raising a child in the world of Sims 4.

A Pinch of Salt

Yet, the expansion pack for The Sims 4 is not devoid of shortcomings. One must acknowledge that, to an extent, features like family dynamic and social compatibility feel more like upgrades to the existing base mechanics rather than new offerings. Certain additions like back carriers and baby-changing tables, although exclusive to the pack, might feel like they should've been part of the base game. Similarly, the newly introduced locale, San Sequoia, seems quite generic and fails to capture the individuality that previous worlds packed.

'Growing Together' brings a refreshing authenticity to the family gameplay of Sims 4, thanks to its dynamic features offering a rich, rounded snapshot of a Sim's life. While it may not cause as much stir as the Seasons pack, its unique direction in availing diverse options to customize Sims experiences is a win for the game.


  • More authentic and dynamic family relationships
  • Intensifies the significance of social interactions with new features
  • Puts forth a comprehensive, meaningful view of a Sim's lifespan


  • Some features, such as the San Sequoia locale, fall short in terms of uniqueness
  • Certain aspects feel like improvements on base mechanics rather than new additions
The Sims™ 4

The Sims™ 4



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