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There is no Android version of the Second Life game. Linden Lab, the game developers, did not provide versions for mobile platforms. You will not find it on Android and iOS. Although developers did not share any news about upcoming mobile games, players continue to wait for them. You may still play it on other platforms.
Second Life is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. All three versions can be downloaded from the official website of the game. You will find the link here, on this page, in Go to the “Get App” section. Scroll down and press the button that will redirect you to the official website. There you may start the downloading process.
After you pass the registration process on the Second Life official website, you will receive free access to the game. You become the resident of the giant virtual world and will be able to play or chat with other inhabitants here. There are still in-app purchases if you want to buy cosmetics or bonuses. You may use virtual currency bought for real money.
To download Second Life on your device, you need to have Windows 7, 8, 0r 10 minimum. There must be 1 GB RAM as well. Besides, you need to have a strong Internet connection if you want to communicate with other users in the game. The basic installation will require empty space on your computer. Make sure you have it.
Not quite so. Second Life is a virtual community where you can meet new friends, take part in versatile events of creating one yourself. It is a social network where you are hidden behind your avatar. This is a place without the gameplay. You decide what you want to do in the next moment. However, there are many games available for those who want to play.
No, there are age limitations in Second Life. You can enter the game if you are 18 years and older without any restrictions. However, if you are 13-15 years, you can enter the game with restrictions. Not every feature will be available to you. Some organizations and parties will be closed.
Yes, you have to stay connected to the Internet all the time while you are in Second Life. This is a social network, so you can’t play it alone. It requires communication with others. Make sure that you have a speed connection, or the network will freeze from time to time.
If you are playing the game, you can kill other players. However, they must be in the combat area. If they are not in this area, you will be banned. This is considered to be abuse. Yet, if you are in the sandbox game with the combat features, you can kill your rivals if you need it.
The most popular alternative to a Second Life is the Avakin Life. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The game is also a real-life simulator. You may try IMVU if you want to play a 3D animated social network that is available on mobile platforms. And Zepeto is a chat room with cute avatars.
Second Life does have awards. It has an Emmy Award for the Technology and Engineering Outstanding Achievement in Video Gaming. This video social network is still considered controversial by many critics. It contains sex scenes and birth scenes that are banned from audiences younger than 18. Nowadays, Linden Labs has new owners and is working on new content.