My Village Life

In "Village Elder Simulator," assume the mantle of a respected village leader tasked with guiding your community through the changing seasons of the year. This engaging strategy game bestows upon you the responsibility of making pivotal decisions, including the selection of construction projects, agricultural planning, and crisis management when calamities occur. Available for Windows PC via Steam download and also as a mobile title on the Google Store and Apple Store, "Village Elder Simulator" is a vibrant social simulation game that empowers players to build a village from the ground up and carve a unique developmental path for it.

Gameplay Mechanics

Embark on a journey of leadership in "Village Elder Simulator," where you hold the reins of village governance for an entire year. As an experienced guide from the digital realm, you are tasked with overseeing the development of fresh edifices, including basic dwellings and distinct facilities that boost the village's functional potential. Whether it's a bustling marketplace, a robust granary, or indispensable public services, your architectural choices will shape the village's infrastructure and future.

Progression in the game unlocks an array of features that enrich your village life, from advanced agricultural techniques to cultural festivities. These elements not only expand your village's horizons but introduce strategic layers that challenge your resource management skills and adaptability. With every decision, you affect the happiness and prosperity of your villagers, making each choice a consequential part of your leadership experience.

"Village Elder Simulator" offers dynamic gameplay options, including engaging in strategy-driven competition against AI opponents. Start with the rudimentary elements of a few roads and a village square, and watch your small hamlet grow into a thriving community. Construction, resource allocation, and citizen welfare are but a few aspects of the multi-faceted game mechanics you will navigate as you shape your village's destiny.

Visual Experience

"Nostalgia meets novelty" in the visual department of "Village Elder Simulator," where the game's aesthetics pay homage to the classic 16-bit graphics era through the capabilities of the Unity engine. Expect crisp, straightforward visuals that complement the game's intuitive design, where the rhythms of village life from work schedules to construction are visually represented for player immersion.

Replay Value

With its intricate simulation mechanics and diverse decision-making scenarios, "Village Elder Simulator" stands as a game with significant replay potential. Unlike titles that have a definitive conclusion, this game offers a new adventure in village life with each playthrough, spanning anywhere from a quick day-long session to an expansive decade-long virtual experience. The plethora of options and their consequential impact on the rural community guarantees that each gameplay experience remains unique, offering sustained allure to fans of both strategy and simulation games.


  • Able to play with AI
  • Cute graphics
  • Varied gameplay
  • Good for long-time gamers
  • Constant updates


  • Limited replayability
  • No multiplayer mode
My Village Life

My Village Life



My Village Life is a simulation game with gameplay of life simulation and village building. There are many buildings that can be built and many features that can be unlocked. The graphics are simple, but they do not take away from the gameplay. There is no way to save the game, and there is no goal. It becomes repetitive. Download My Village Life for free! However, the game can be played offline.