Brick Rigs

players to engineer and pilot custom-made machines and vehicles crafted from blocks reminiscent of Lego. Players get to put their creations to the test across a range of interactive environments.

In Brick Rigs, creativity is rewarded with an expansive selection of bricks that can be unlocked through in-game achievements or purchased from the virtual store using coins earned during play. The game's sandbox mode provides a free-form building experience with no risk of destruction to your designs, supplemented by the option to acquire new building blocks via the in-game currency system.

Gameplay Details

Brick Rigs invites players to engage in both construction and demolition of brick-built structures. 

The game features two primary modes:

  • Construction Mode – Here, players start from the ground up, piecing together their visions brick by brick to create intricate structures or functional machines.
  • Destruction Mode – This mode equips players with a wider selection of bricks and an arsenal that includes heavy balls, massive hammers, bombs, and grenades, aimed at systematically deconstructing the creations.

Players can save their architectural masterpieces to the game's cloud system, allowing them to revisit and refine their builds or share them with the community. Additionally, Brick Rigs supports simple one-finger control schemes, ideal for quick play sessions, and also offers gamepad compatibility for a more traditional gaming feel. This turns it into both a leisurely activity and an absorbing pastime.

Graphical and Audio Presentation

Despite its brick-based aesthetic, Brick Rigs boasts impressive graphics complete with realistic shadows, ambient lighting, and other visual effects that could easily be mistaken for a desktop or console title rather than being confined to mobile platforms.

Replay Value

For enthusiasts of Lego-style construction and brick-based games, Brick Rigs is an irresistible title that offers boundless entertainment. Its sandbox mode alone significantly elevates its replay potential, affording players limitless creative freedom with the positioning and orientation of each brick. The integrated level editor is a standout feature as well, enabling the creation and preservation of custom levels for future enjoyment and challenge.


  • Realistic physics
  • Incredible graphics
  • Diversity of missions
  • There is a huge number of weapons.


  • The game is really hard
Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs



Brick Rigs is a fun and fast-paced game. It has many levels, sandbox mode, level editor, lots of bricks, etc. It's a good game for those who like brick games. It has good gameplay, nice graphics and it's a great time killer.

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