Welcome to the brilliantly innovative indie RPG game, Wildermyth, A testament to the infinite potential of storytelling, coupled with procedural generation, crafted with affectionate attention to detail. Despite its modest exterior, the deeper you look, the more it engrosses you with its well-crafted narratives and tactical profundity.


In "The Story Unfolds", the game's system feels comfortably familiar yet refreshingly exciting. By selecting from a few fixed campaigns - either with a pre-designed main plot or completely randomized - you plunge your party of three to four characters into an exhilarating adventure. Each character's origin story is captivating; the sense of progression and individuality of characters with my spell-casting mystic, Fern's story resonated throughout my campaign. Characters undergo transformations, experience personal relationships, and struggle with morally ambiguous challenges, keeping the gameplay excitingly unpredictable. All these elements empty into the main campaign map and define the rhythm of a typical Wildermyth adventure.

Character Development

In the section titled "Character Complexity," personalities span a wide spectrum, encompassing individuals described as 'dreamers', 'eccentrics', 'ashamed', or those brimming with 'potential'. The plot remains flexible with these traits, adding unique reactiveness to each event. Moreover, the narrative consistently produces fresh perspectives, making even repeated stories refreshingly unique depending on the characters involved. As the campaign progresses, you see characters transform - I've seen mine grow wings, turn into gemstones because of greed, or manifest fire based on their interactions with the world.

Tactical Combat

"From Placid to Profound," the combat system is like a calm lake with surprising depths. Initially, you might find it a tad basic, but as the campaign progresses and the difficulty level cranks up, the combat transitions from a storytelling catalyst to an immersive tactical RPG.

Time and Legacy

In the section "Of Time and Legacy", Wildermyth leans heavily on the concept of time. Your characters physically age over campaigns, their lifestyles evolving before your eyes. They age, retire, die, or even get physically maimed, adding a dash of emotional depth to the story. But every time they retire or are lost, another generation with fresh heroes arises to take their place.


  • Engaging storytelling and character depth
  • Campaign chapters incorporating the concept of time
  • Adaptation in the style of play, trending from storytelling to tactical gameplay
  • Broad personality traits and reactiveness


  • The sense of repetition in campaign structure
  • Aesthetic might take a little getting used to
  • Combat can seem simplistic initially




In the end, Wildermyth isn't just a game. It is an ode to legacy and storytelling. It's all about heroes of yore, and legends whispered in hushed reverence. Despite the occasional repetitiveness and some tactical simplicity, the unusual character depth, responsive narrative, and the overarching theme of legacy, Wildermyth is a gem worth unearthing in the indie RPG landscape.

What's new?

Wildermyth tactical RPG, developed and released by Worldwalker Games LLC, has quickly attracted players around the world. The game is available on the Windows PC platform. Since the game is still new, released on June 15, 2021, the developers still work on updates. On August 22, 2021, they shared a new image of the big boss they are working on. They are also improving the catalog of skins available for players. The game is still fresh, and there have been no announcements about Android, iOS mobile versions. Worldwalker Games LLC hasn’t commented on Xbox, Nintendo, or PS options either. On Twitter, they confirmed that there will be console ports. Yet, it might take a year to provide them. On August 17, they released the news that they were working on the visual indicators of the points you receive during the combat. The company shared an image of the new graphics. It will be available for players during the fight. Their main Celestial theme was positively reviewed by players and game critics. The company also added multiplayer in April. They offered players to get with each other on the Discord. Worldwalker Games LLC also added more pets that players can adopt in the game. They are currently working on fixing bugs, including the broken saves and promotions in campaigns.
Image source - store.steampowered.com