Diving Into a Universe of Exploration in Starfield

Starting the interstellar journey of Bethesda's latest RPG, Starfield seemed tailor-made for my liking. It followed suit with a genre that had deeply fascinated me – a blend of science-fiction intricacies, spaceships, laser guns, and political conspiracies that swirl in every direction. Despite this, I found myself feeling marooned in the wide expanse of space during my first dozen hours of gameplay.

A Landscape of Intricate Lore and Backstory

Bethesda outdid itself by crafting a sprawling universe, intricately shaping a sci-fi dystopia rich with historical lore. In a setting reminiscent of iconic sci-fi franchises like The Expanse and Firefly, it offers a subtly unique tapestry of experiences. With humanity colonizing the outer reaches of the galaxy without any confirmed contact with extraterrestrial life, this universe seeps with ongoing wars, space pirates, elusive creatures, and much more.

Character crafting in the game presents options that extend beyond mere physical features. Choosing a background story that carries with it associated skills and traits lays the groundwork for a more immersive gaming experience. While the difficulty in choosing can be daunting during the first play, the replay value this feature provides can make subsequent playthroughs more enjoyable.

Immersive Adventures

Starfield is vast, offering a myriad of quests and adventures. Inside the game, you can follow the route of pirates or morph into a legendary pirate hunter, painting the universe with your own colors of preference. The game is peppered with intricate quests, thrusting you into ethical challenges and nudging your curiosity to unravel secrets and mysteries. Although the primary story lacks flexibility, the side quests and subplots offer a way to express your character's moral choices more fully.

Starfield encompasses numerous worlds open for exploration. However, the game’s design paradoxically restricts the sense of vastness in space. Every world you visit is separated only by a brief loading screen that eventually makes the universe feel smaller. The fast-paced traveling mechanism may cause some to yearn for more immersive travel experiences akin to those in Elder Scrolls or Fallout.


  • Rich and intricate lore and backstory
  • Versatile character crafting system
  • An array of quests and plots to follow
  • Significant replay value.


  • Initial gameplay can seem overwhelming
  • The primary storyline lacks flexibility.




While Starfield is a slow burner that takes its time to reel you into its depths, it eventually hooks you in, ridding you of initial skepticism and resistance. Despite its flaws, the game successfully induces you to explore the colorful expanse of its universe. Its science-fiction narrative may not be exceptionally distinctive, but the vast number of lore-related side quests and diverse character personalizations cultivate deep immersion. All in all, it turns out Starfield more than justifies persistence through its intricacies and quirks and rightly earns its place in the sci-fi gaming cosmos.

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