Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

"Disco Elysium - The Final Cut" succeeds in blending the mechanics of classic pen-and-paper RPGs with a noirish detective narrative steeped in existential philosophy. With its labyrinthine plotline, a vibrant cast of personalities, and a plethora of choices, the game infuses its world with a richness that genuinely beckons players to explore and linger. The newly added voice acting and expanded side quests make the "Final Cut" a definitive improvement on the original, transforming an already stellar RPG into a truly immersive and engrossing experience. 

Gameplay: Unleashing the Power of the Mind

The gameplay of "Disco Elysium" is indeed unique. You can choose to be an intellectual, sensitive, or brute detective, with each choice impacting the experiences and opportunities you encounter. Your personality influences your character's base stats and, subsequently, the decisions available to you. Moreover, assigning points to a host of quirky skills, from conversing with a necktie to intimidating witnesses, adds great depth and richness to the game. The challenges in this game are solved through conversations and dice-based skill checks, which are both innovative and refreshing when compared to the predictable action-based RPG scenarios.

Graphics: Captivating Yet Calamitous Abelands

The setting of "Disco Elysium" is both enthralling and devastating. The poverty-stricken district of Martinaise and its denizens are realized with superb detail. The meticulously crafted environments are soaked in the melancholy of a society on the precipice, compelling players to engage deeply with the city of Revachol and its history. Even though it is confined to a relatively smaller area, the detail and depth of its world-building are right up there with the pioneers of immersive gaming landscapes.

Features: In the Mind and On the Streets

The Thought Cabinet, an in-game feature that transforms abstract thoughts into perks and traits, adds a unique twist. It underscores the game's central theme - the internal conflict within the protagonist's mind. The game also offers the ability to interact with every aspect of the environment, enhancing the sense of immersion and discovery. Despite the complexity of its world, "Disco Elysium" stays accessible and comprehensible courtesy of clear task listings and generous hints.

Voice Acting: A Sonic Symphony

One of the major upgrades in The Final Cut is the comprehensive voice acting. The stunning performances by a stellar cast and the showcase of diverse accents and languages infuse a lifelike quality into Revachol’s residents. Perhaps one of the most celebrated performances is jazz musician Lenval Brown voicing the player’s varied mental moods, further underscoring the game's inner journey theme.


  • Astounding narrative rich in depth and choice
  • A mind-blowing blend of unique gameplay mechanics
  • Artistic character portraits & detailed world-building
  • Innovative and immersive features
  • Outstanding voice acting


  • Frequent skill checks that slow down the gameplay
  • Inventory management may feel underutilized
  • Lacking a challenging difficulty level
  • Some tasks can feel overwhelming amidst the game's density
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut



"Disco Elysium - The Final Cut" accentuated the strengths of the original while enriching the gaming experience with a fully voiced cast and expanded quests. With its inventive blend of immersive RPG elements and detective storytelling, it stands as a shining beacon of innovative game design.

Image source - store.steampowered.com