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This game has gained incredible popularity due to its scale, great freedom of action, realism, straightforward gameplay, and an individual approach to interaction with each NPC.
A complete list of available platforms and stores is posted on the official website. You can find the link to this page by clicking the Get the App button below the review. For a comfortable walkthrough, you need Windows Vista +, Mac OSX 10.10+, or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 2 GB of RAM, 500 MB of free disk space, and a 2 Hz processor.
At the moment, the game is only available for PlayStation 4 consoles. It is not yet known whether it is planned to port it for the next generation.
This game is completely paid. You need to purchase it to play. There are no official free-of-charge or demo versions.
In total, you can have 12 different types of animals (from cats and ducks to dinosaurs), but their total number is limited only by your in-game capabilities.
This character lives with her parents at Pierres Shop. She can also be found watching frogs in the rain or walking in the cemetery.
In total, there are 12 characters available in the game whom you can marry. Family life with them is significantly different and can be full of both pleasant moments and negativity.
There is tons of funny stuff on the official website. You can buy T-shirts, hats, necklaces, bags, posters, stickers, and even plush toys related to Stardew Valley’s latest version.
It is a real board game from the creator of the original. Now you can play this farmer simulator with your friends (up to 4 persons).
In terms of gameplay, these games are similar in many ways. Harvest Moon had been the inspiration for the Stardew Valley developer, who decided to add more freedom of action and new features to it.

How to get Stardew Valley

This page contains links to the official sources of the app Stardew Valley. So that you do not have problems with getting the app, we have prepared a detailed instruction.

  • To quickly and painlessly get the Stardew Valley app on the Official Store, you should use the following instructions.
  • Go to the Get Android Version button.
  • If you use a browser on a PC or mobile device, you'll go to the Stardew Valley app page on the official store website.
  • To get the app through the browser, you need to log in to your account in the store and add it to the library.