Paper Fold

"Paper Fold" challenges players to accurately mirror on-screen paper folding tasks within a certain time frame to create designated shapes. Earning points stems from rapid folding, with the game's difficulty developed by Shlomi Fish, focusing on precision and strategy in transforming paper into intricate silhouettes. Players may not rip or unfold the paper and are confined to a finite number of folds to achieve the target shape, with the exhaustion of folds resulting in a game loss.

Gameplay details

Participants select from a variety of 10 cut-out paper figures, which include basic rectangles as well as intricate trapezoids, with the option to play at three levels of challenge: easy, medium, and hard. With modes that both watch the clock and allow for relaxed play, the challenge lies in emulating the displayed paper folds. Timeliness influences scoring, aiming for speed to claim victory. "Paper Fold" tests one's ability to craft a particular shape given limited fold attempts, disallowing any tearing or revert of folds to succeed.

Visual features

"Paper Fold" flaunts minimalist graphics, predominantly in black and white, ensuring low computational demands and thus, broad accessibility across computer systems.

Replay value consideration

The potential for countless playthroughs makes "Paper Fold" consistently engaging, diverging from any tiered difficulty, which might hint at a static replay factor.


  • The game is very fun and addicting
  • The game is always enjoyable, and is always a different experience each time
  • The game is a good way to entertain oneself and pass time
  • The game is just as enjoyable for adults as it is for children
  • The game is free to play
  • The game is easy to play


  • The game is not very challenging and is not that interesting to play
  • The player is able to replay Paper Fold over and over again, but the game becomes repetitive and boring after a while
  • The game is very simple and doesn't really require much skill
Paper Fold

Paper Fold



Paper Fold is a fun, easy to play, and entertaining game. It is very entertaining to play for a short time, but becomes boring and repetitive after a while.

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