Happy Glass

The Happy Glass game exemplifies the entertainment and enjoyment that low-budget games can offer. The creators of the game will catch your attention with their originality and uniqueness, they have their own style of content presentation and this is cool.

What is Happy Glass Game About?

Your main character is literally a glass. It's empty, but we'll fix it later. You may think that the game is simple and can be completed in literally twenty minutes. However, this only applies to the first ten levels, and then the real puzzle begins. Firstly, the developer requires you to be quite smart and understand the laws of physics because water behaves like real water, that is, it can splash over the edges or not go obliquely, so you will not get the required amount of liquid. You need to try and think a lot to get the desired result in the end. In some situations, it will even be necessary to use hints.

How to Play Happy Glass?

There is a strip on the glass closer to the edge, which indicates the amount of liquid that needs to be poured into it. Next, we have a tap that is automatically triggered when you tap on the screen. That is, you cannot think over everything, implement, and then open the tap yourself. Usually, there is no flat surface from the tap to the glass and water cannot reach the container without your help, so you need to think a little with your head and draw a strip that will help the water.

You slide your finger across the screen and the virtual pencil draws a line behind your finger. Immediately after that, water begins to flow from the tap and if you did everything correctly, then the water will flow into the glass. Actually, this is the whole gameplay. But believe me, it's very exciting and sometimes difficult.

Happy Glass Paid Features

Unexpectedly, the game contains options to buy additional content within the app. You can buy a hint for gold coins to complete the level. These are pretty simple helpers, but sometimes you just need to get some help from the product in order to go further. Actually, when you run out of hints, you can get virtual coins for real money, or watch commercials. This isn't frightening nor does it detract from the gaming experience. However, should you desire to progress swiftly through the levels, you'll effortlessly have the chance to do so. In such a scenario, I believe the option for in-game purchases is quite reasonable.



  • Cool and witty gameplay
  • Original graphics
  • Smooth and non-glitchy user experience


  • Has some paid features
Happy Glass

Happy Glass



Here you will find challenging levels, realistic physics, a lot of pleasant little things, and a lot of levels. For most puzzle lovers, this is enough to give up other games for a while. And why waste your energy on projects with the darkness of donation, if you can win here on your own, without investing real money. It remains only to learn how to draw correctly on the screen and everything will definitely work out.

What's new?

Wondering if Happy Glass 2 is ever coming out? A little bird told us that soon we’d all get to download it to our devices. The bird didn’t tell us when that’s going to happen, though. So, we’ll be sniffing the wind for ya and will let you know as soon as we find out anything on the topic. Meanwhile, enjoy the perks of the original Happy Glass game on your Android/iOS device.
Image source - play.google.com