Comics Bob

Comics Bob is a new puzzle game from the ICON Games company. A funny story about the difficult life of cavemen will brighten up your evenings. Go with Bob on an adventure, overcome obstacles, fight saber-toothed tigers, and conquer the heart of your beloved. To win, you need intuition, not logic, so most of your decisions will be completely absurd.

Crazy Prehistoric World

The game is an addicting side-view puzzle. Although it has all the prehistoric era trappings like leopard loincloths, dinosaurs, and stone houses, there are also a lot of absurd things here. And that's what makes this game so brilliant. Bob carries in his pocket a pepper spray for fighting animals, uses a gas burner for frying meat, and tries to disperse the clouds with a hairdryer. His Girlf is even cooler: she carries a rocket, dynamite, a pickaxe, and a couple of gray mice with her. And together they like to eat steaks, sushi and drink wine.

By and large, the whole game is reduced to the fact that you should choose one of the two proposed answers, having encountered an obstacle. But in such a crazy world, there can be no logical solutions to a problem. For example, it would seem worth using a ladder to get out of a pit, but not in this game. Your character uses a frog like a balloon and rises on it to the surface. A creepy ghost in a cave can turn into a beautiful lady if given a bouquet, not a torch. And when it seems to you that you have understood the logic and decided to provide the most absurd answers, the game offers you even more tricky situations with ridiculous options you would never have thought of.

Comics Bob Mechanics

During the game, all you have to do is to choose one of the two suggested answers, depending on the situation. Your character moves and interacts with the world around them independently. Each level consists of 2-3 puzzle stages. If you answer incorrectly in the last point, you'll have to replay the level completely. It can be a little annoying considering how slow the characters are. But at the end of each episode, you can enjoy the funny dances of Bob and his Girl.

It is the most simple game that does not require any special skills from you. There is no task list, map, or character customization options. Just walk forward to a fun soundtrack and complete absurd tasks. Although the developers continue to add new levels, in general, Comics Bob doesn't have a high replay value. It is not difficult to remember your answers so that you can go through the game again in a matter of minutes. Over time, similar tasks and a bit monotonous soundtrack can get boring.

Put on a Loincloth and Go!


  • Cartoonish graphics
  • Funny situations
  • Cute characters
  • Funny soundtrack
  • Easy to play


  • Characters walk very slowly
  • Lots of ads in the free version
Comics Bob

Comics Bob



It's unlikely that Comics Bob will be your favorite game for years to come, but it will help you kill time on a lunch break or in the evening after work. You never know what kind of ridiculous situation the character will get into.

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