Secret Neighbor

Looking back at indie games from the last decade, the stealth horror venture Hello Neighbor might get lost in the shuffle of superior titles. Despite unfavorable critical reviews, Hello Neighbor managed to carve a unique place for itself amongst its target demographic, eventually spawning several more titles and even a small-screen adaptation. One such successor is Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer version with a twist. In this captivating game, players assume the roles of a band of kids intent on saving their comrade from the clutches of the ominous Mr. Peterson's abode. But here’s the twist: Disguised among the youngsters, Mr. Peterson is concealed, resolute in his mission to sabotage the rescue operation.

Gameplay: Hide, Seek, and Deceive

Secret Neighbor keeps the core gameplay mechanics of its predecessor relatively intact. Exploring every corner of the eerie house is an immersive experience as you navigate from a first-person perspective. Initial movement can prove rather clunky, with sluggish sensitivity and excessive motion blur. Fortunately, these settings can be tweaked to enhance the gaming experience.

Playing as either a child or a Neighbor depends on your luck during matchmaking. You can select from different character types while playing as a child, with some players often choosing the same character potentially as a strategy. The matchmaking process is fast, ensuring minimal wait times as long as you stick to the default mode.

Graphics and Environments: A Journey Through Darkness

Upon entering a match, you are privy to your assigned role for the game and are given basic objectives. At first, playing as a child can be confusing because there is no straightforward tutorial or guidance. Seeking out keys in the underlit house while dealing with clunky controls and repetitive environmental design gets tiresome pretty soon.

Assuming the role of the Neighbor, however, offers a fun role-playing experience. The game lets you adapt your strategies, choosing either to reveal your identity early or bide your time and strike when the children are vulnerable.

The Discord of Multiplayer: All Fun and No Play?

The game’s concept has potential. However, its fun quotient hinges heavily on your teammates and can even get chaotic. Unless you are playing with friends or a committed group, it’s hard to have consistent, meaningful matches. Winning a match as the Neighbor feels relatively easy, exposing the game's balance issues. 

This imbalance, combined with lackluster controls and uninspiring design, dampens your enthusiasm pretty quickly unless you play with a group of dedicated players.


  • Intriguing concept
  • Engaging role-playing experience as the Neighbor
  • Fast matchmaking


  • Clunky controls
  • Repetitive environmental design
  • Poor game balance
  • Dependency on committed team play
Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor



Secret Neighbor teases an engaging extension of Hello Neighbor, luring players with intriguing multiplayer elements. Nevertheless, the actual implementation falls short of expectations. Hindered by subpar controls, bland environment design, and a frequently disorderly player population, gameplay strays far from expectations. The scale tips heavily in favor of the Neighbor, undermining the gameplay balance. Despite its promising asymmetric multiplayer concept, Secret Neighbor falls short of delivering a compelling play experience.

What's new?

You’re probably aware that Secret Neighbor is now available on Playstation 4 and iOS. The game is soon to be available for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts, too. So, what about the Secret Neighbor 2 release? Is it ever coming out? We’re eagerly awaiting the official release date info, too. And we promise to let you know as soon as we find out anything. Just make sure you add us to your bookmarks to get back for further updates on the topic.