McOsu is an open-source and freely downloadable rhythm game accessible on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Designed with inspiration from the acclaimed rhythm game Osu!, McOsu endeavors to offer an enhanced and secure gameplay experience, devoid of spyware, malware, and excessive advertising. While it maintains gameplay mechanics akin to Osu!, McOsu introduces upgraded visuals that align with contemporary aesthetics. Unlike Osu!, McOsu features an expanded range of difficulty settings, from easy to difficult, catering to players of various skill levels.


In the realm of rhythm video games, McOsu holds a similarity to its predecessor, Osu!, with the added advantage of contemporary graphic design. Players engage by tapping on circles or maneuvering sliders in synchronization with the rhythm of the tunes showcased in the game. Successfully hitting as many of these elements as possible becomes the core challenge. It offers four unique gameplay modes: "Click" mode (standard tapping of circles and sliders), "Jerky" mode (hitting elements in rhythm), "Slider" mode (guiding the mouse along specified paths), and "Double" mode (requiring a double tap on elements). Initially developed as a more efficient alternative to playing on tablets, McOsu is tailored for mouse-based interaction. Players vie for high scores rather than a win-loss outcome, with modes including "Versus" and "Solo" to enhance the playing experience.


Adhering to modern graphical expectations, McOsu presents an array of visual themes that players can tailor to their preferences, complemented by a selection of adjustable graphical settings. While McOsu's 2D visuals might not lead the pack in terms of cutting-edge graphics, they are well-suited for its style of gameplay. What's particularly noteworthy is how the McOsu manages to present an appealing aesthetic without any price tag, making its visual accomplishments all the more remarkable.


There's an abundant reservoir of more than 10,000 beat maps that span multiple levels of complexity in McOsu, assuring a rich replay value. Despite its simple visuals and being free to play, this expansive library guarantees ongoing amusement for gamers, nurturing a varied and captivating play experience.


  • Free and open-source game
  • The game is free of malware and spyware
  • A large number of beatmaps
  • Modernized graphics


  • McOsu is a new game, which means that it lacks a large player base
  • The game lacks a story mode
  • There are no statistics or other possibilities for self-improvement




McOsu is a program that allows you to play Osu! on your computer. It is for Windows users only. The gameplay is the same, but you can only use your mouse to click on the circles.

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