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The Lord of the Rings: War

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To start the game, you must first create your kingdom. After creating your kingdom, the game provides a tutorial that guides you through the basic mechanics of the game, such as building and upgrading structures, recruiting soldiers, researching useful technologies, and more.
The game primarily leans towards strategy and skill. However, there is an element of chance involved, like in any strategy game. For instance, some combat outcomes and resource findings may depend on randomness.
Yes, The Lord of the Rings: War is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It can be downloaded from their respective app stores.
Teamwork is a crucial part of the game. Forming alliances and coordinating with other players can significantly improve your chances of success in battles. It also opens up opportunities for trading resources and aids in faster development.
Heroes can be upgraded by earning experience points in battles and completing various quests. Beneficial attributes such as strength, intelligence, and speed can be upgraded to enhance your hero's performance in battles.
While purchasing in-game items can speed up your progress and give you a competitive edge, the game is designed to ensure that players who do not wish to make purchases can still enjoy and compete in the game.
Resources are fundamental to your kingdom's growth and war effort in The Lord of the Rings: War. They are required for building and upgrading structures, researching technologies, and recruiting and maintaining armies. They can be obtained through resource-gathering sites, winning battles, completing quests, and trading with allies.
The game is primarily multiplayer, but it also contains a single-player campaign mode where you take on various quests and encounter characters from the Lord of the Rings universe.
Losing a battle may result in the loss of troops and a temporary reduction in morale. However, you can quickly recover by recruiting more troops and winning subsequent battles.
The development team is committed to maintaining a dynamic gaming environment, thus, updates are relatively frequent. They make sure to add new content, balance the gameplay, and fix bugs to provide a better gaming experience.