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My Talking Pet

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My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet is a cute toy app that lets you take photos of your pets and make animated clips with music and voices. It’s a great way to have fun animating your pets’ muzzles, as well as a way to make exciting video greeting cards. You can download the app for your Android or iOS device right from Google Play or the App Store for free.

Shoot, Record, Edit

My Talking Pet makes it very simple to animate almost any photo of your pet. Take a simple mug shot of your pet’s muzzle and enjoy playing in the editor. It lets you create quick animation masks to let the program understand where are the eyes, nose, and mouth. The app can even turn the image into a moving 3D model that will be able to look behind and waive its head.

Next, you can record your voice or a song, and the app will generate a lipsync animation. The algorithm is quite smart, so it fails quite rarely. However, it’s not recommended to record songs where the voice isn’t clear enough as the mask will try to repeat the beat, guitar rhythm, or something else but no the singer’s voice.  The best solution is to record your own voice or use a text-to-speech app online. After recording, you can edit the speed and pitch of the recording to make it sound funnier. There are also various voice effect presets that let you sound like a baby, animal, robot, and more. Finally, you can add funny text to make animated memes and 
Dress Up.

My Talking Pet also lets you dress up your pets to make them even funnier. There’s a whole library of various cute hats, glasses, mustaches, and necklaces. You can put them on the clip in any combination, and the app will animate them along with the entire image. This feature works even in the new 3D mode.

Share the Fun!

The best part of this app is sharing. You can send your clips directly to users of any social network, including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. It’s a great way to say hello in a hilarious way or create a charming animated greeting card. You can use your own pet photos or upload meme animal photos and animate them with your own words.

Pet of The Week

Last but not least option is to send your picks to a ‘Pet of The Week’ contest. By the end of the week, you will see how many users like your clips and, who knows, maybe you will win! You can take part in the contest with your friends to see whose pet gains more likes and exposure.


  • Easy to adjust;
  • Smart face detection and animation algorithm;
  • You can record and edit your voice and songs;
  • The app can turn your pet into an animated 3D model;
  • You can add text effects to videos;


  • Needs more animation effects and emotions;
  • The full version could be cheaper;

out of 5


My Talking Pet is a really smart application that will bring you and your friends lots of laughter and cuteness. It’s recommended to all pet owners who wish to have more sweet clips with their beloved cats, dogs, and other cute creatures. The app is nearly free of bugs, so making clips is really easy and makes you feel like a pro animator.

What's new?

My Talking Pet 2: Is It Available for Download? Want to know what’s new about the My Talking Pet 2 game release date? Well, no official news here yet. We know you love the game just like we do, so we’ll be keeping our ears open and let you know as soon as we find out anything, we promise! Just make sure you bookmark our website to get back to us for more details every so often. See ya!
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