Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor made its initial debut in 2017 for Windows and Xbox One users, followed by a release on Android and iPhone in 2018. Set in an idyllic suburban neighborhood, you find yourself living opposite a Neighbor whose behavior raises a multitude of red flags.

Comparing Visuals

A consensus among players points to distinct differences in the game's visuals across the Microsoft and Android versions. This observation holds water, as the Android rendition tends to present less vibrant colors and occasionally trimmed scenes rather than fully adapted ones. Despite a slightly muted palette, the graphics retain a bright, cartoon-style appeal that fosters a sense of security in its sunlit environment—until you begin to suspect all is not as harmless as it appears.

The Eerie Narrative

The game narrates the tale of young Nicky, who, upon relocating with his family to a new home, develops an uneasy suspicion about his Neighbor. Convinced there's a dark secret lurking in the Neighbor's basement, Nicky bravely decides to investigate, initiating the first chapter.

Hello Neighbor unfolds over three acts. The opening act often labeled a demo for its gratis status, is essential for understanding the game's full narrative. Participants need to strategize their way into the house while avoiding the Neighbor, operated by sophisticated AI that anticipates and responds to the participants' actions. Solving house puzzles and deducing the location of basement keys relies on logic and cleverness.

The plot thickens in the second act following a successful basement entry. Here, as Nicky avoids the Neighbor, the exploration of the expansive house uncovers haunting memories of the Neighbor's history.

In the third act, an adult Nicky returns to his childhood residence, haunted by nightmares that steer him back towards the Neighbor's abode, unveiling secrets long buried.

Gameplay Overview

Hello Neighbor offers easy-to-grasp gameplay mechanics, ensuring that new players can swiftly get absorbed in and delight in the experience. Vigilance is key, as occasional glitches can momentarily halt progress, allowing the Neighbor the chance to catch up. Playing on mobile devices presents more challenges than on PC, but the mechanics can be mastered with practice.

Availability Across Platforms

Hello Neighbor can be obtained through several platforms, such as iPhone, Android, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and PC. For convenience, our dedicated download page aggregates the official sources where you can obtain the Hello Neighbor game installer alongside the Android APK.

While Android users can enjoy a free download of Hello Neighbor, those opting for the PC or Mac versions on Steam will need to make a small purchase. As for players awaiting the release on PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch, patience is required as it isn't currently offered on these platforms.

It's important to note for users of older consoles, such as the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, that Hello Neighbor is not compatible with these systems. To play Hello Neighbor, one must install it from official sources, as there is no legitimate method to access an unblocked version of the game without downloading it first.


  • The attractive design of the game
  • Well-developed story
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Family-friendly


  • Contains minor glitches
Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor



Hello Neighbor is a perfect game for anyone who loves horrors but afraid of them as well. It is a nerve-wracking game but at the same time not as bloodthirsty as many other horrors, including Five Nights at Freddy’s. You can even play this game together with children. The main task is to find the truth in the game, solve puzzles, and escape the Neighbor. You may find out much more than the keys to the basement while exploring his house, so be careful, watch your back, and always check out your reflection in the mirror, because the Neighbor can be closer than you think.

What's new?

With a somewhat confusing series of spin-offs and sequels kept secret, fans of the Hello Neighbor series have been asking whether a third part is coming out any time soon. Unfortunately, the release date for Hello Neighbor 3 has not been announced yet. The developers might want some time after the release of Part 2 and working on the Hello Engineer spin-off. Players who are ready to download Hello Neighbor 3, then you need to be patient.