Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor was released in 2017 on Windows and Xbox One, and in 2018 it became available on Android and iOS mobile platforms as well. The game welcomes you to the peaceful suburbia, where you have to live across the street from an extremely suspicious Neighbor.

The Picture Comparison

Many players believe that the graphics in the Microsoft version and Android version of the game look differently. They are probably right. The Android version of the game looks a little bit dull in colors, and some sceneries may be slightly cut, instead of being condensed. However, even with the dimmed colors, graphics are cartoonish, bright, and attractive. You feel totally safe living in this sunny world until you realize that is not that welcoming.

The Spooky Story

This story is about a small boy Nicky who moves with his family into the new house. He notices that his Neighbor is suspicious, but no one else sees it. Nicky believes that his Neighbor is hiding something in his basement, and he decides to get into his house and check everything himself. After he breaks in the 1st Act begins.

There are 3 acts in the game. First is also considered to be free of charge and usually called a demo. Yet, it is the start of the game, and without it, you will not understand anything. You have to find how to break the window, climb into it, avoid the Neighbor, which is played by smart AI. He knows every your next move, and can catch you in a second you feel safe. To find the keys to the basement you need to search the house, solve puzzles, and use your logical thinking.

The second act happens after you open the basement. You escape from Neighbor and now run around this big house, uncovering new memories from Neighbor’s past. You will learn more about your enemy and his family.

The third act tells a story about grown-up Nicky. You have to come back to the old house you lived in as a kid, and now you are chased by creepy nightmares. They bring you to the Neighbor’s house again, revealing the secrets from the past.

The Simplicity of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a pretty simple game to play. Even newcomers can succeed in it. However, you have to be careful with minor glitches that may freeze you for several seconds until the Neighbor catches you. Playing this game on your mobile is harder than on PC, but you will learn all the options step by step.


Hello Neighbor was released on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows PC. Links where you can download the Hello Neighbor game installer or Hello Neighbor APK for Android devices we collected for you on the download page. All links lead to official sources (digital stores).  

Players can also download Hello Neighbor for Android for free, but you will have to pay a couple of dollars for the Steam version for PC and Mac. For those who want to download Hello Neighbor on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S, need to wait - the game is not available now on these consoles. 

We're sure that users won't be able to install Hello Neighbor on PS3, Xbox 360, and earlier versions of popular consoles at all. Players can't get the Hello Neighbor unblocked version without download, the game needs to install (use only official sources). 


  • The attractive design of the game
  • Well-developed story
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Family-friendly


  • Contains minor glitches
Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor



Hello Neighbor is a perfect game for anyone who loves horrors but afraid of them as well. It is a nerve-wracking game but at the same time not as bloodthirsty as many other horrors, including Five Nights at Freddy’s. You can even play this game together with children. The main task is to find the truth in the game, solve puzzles, and escape the Neighbor. You may find out much more than the keys to the basement while exploring his house, so be careful, watch your back, and always check out your reflection in the mirror, because the Neighbor can be closer than you think.

What's new?

With a somewhat confusing series of spin-offs and sequels kept secret, fans of the Hello Neighbor series have been asking whether a third part is coming out any time soon. Unfortunately, the release date for Hello Neighbor 3 has not been announced yet. The developers might want some time after the release of Part 2 and working on the Hello Engineer spin-off. Players who are ready to download Hello Neighbor 3, then you need to be patient.