Farm Heroes Saga

I have been a long-time fan of matching games, and Farm Heroes Saga brought me an unexpected sense of joy when I decided to revisit it after several years. Having completed a review of the game's sequel previously, I felt compelled to reevaluate the original game. My observations derived from making my way to level 209.

Play and Win with Farm Heroes Saga

This engaging game centers around the simple objective of harvesting cropsies by successfully making matches. There are no powerups. Instead, cropsies are enhanced when matches are made, while creating a match of five or more cropsies removes them from the board. Although the game broadens into other tasks such as growing flowers and hatching eggs, the heart of Farm Heroes Saga remains in its name - farming.

The Enthralling Appeal of Farm Heroes Saga

To my delight, rediscovering Farm Heroes Saga turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I initially anticipated. The desire to continue progressing through the levels was unyielding. The gameplay was noticeable more enjoyable than other recent King games I have had the chance to explore. The intriguing variation of challenges such as unique obstacles on different levels added to its charm, allowing King to experiment and innovate compared to the Candy Crush series.

Powerups and Boosters: Added Excitement in Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga introduces an attractive concept within its gameplay: rechargeable boosters. After a determined waiting period, the boosters are ready to be used again. The sense of anticipation this creates adds another element of fun to the gameplay, making the boosters a valuable but not rare resource. 

Quirky Animal Assistants: Farm Heroes Saga's Lovable Extra

Farm Heroes Saga distinguishes itself from other match-three games by offering special animal helpers to players, which they unlock as they progress through the different levels. These animal buddies serve as fun allies, each offering unique aids in the game. They add an interesting dimension to the game, which is even adopted by other match-three games like Candy Crush Friends Saga and Meow Match.

The Visual Splendor of Farm Heroes Saga

Despite being an older game, Farm Heroes Saga holds up with well-crafted and appealing visuals. The game's charm is boosted by its streamlined art design, featuring delightful and expressive cropsies that maintain a sense of novelty and captivation throughout gameplay.


  • Engaging gameplay with a variety of levels and challenges
  • Innovative use of boosters and animal assistants
  • Aesthetically pleasing visuals


  • Some levels can be excessively difficult, causing frustration and ha alt in progress
  • Although the game offers free boosters, they are limited and can quickly deplete
Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga



Farm Heroes Saga pleasantly surprised me upon revisiting the game. Despite some tough levels and a shortage of free boosters, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the game. I would recommend Farm Heroes Saga to anyone who enjoys match-three games. I certainly plan on continuing my journey in the saga of farming.

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