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You progress through the levels by meeting the objectives of each level within the given moves or time limit. The objectives could be to clear all the jelly, bring down ingredients, achieve a certain score, or clear certain candies or blockers. Finishing the level successfully lets you move on to the next level.
Boosters are special candies or tools that help you to complete a level. They can be crucial in particularly challenging levels. You earn the boosters as you progress in the game, or you can purchase them. Examples include Lollipop Hammers, which crush any candy of your choice, and Candy Fish, which targets three-layer jelly.
If you're stuck on a level, patience, practice, and strategy are key. Try to find the best move that will give you the highest score or will help you in achieving your level goal. If you are still having difficulty, using boosters can also help. You may also find video tutorials or game guides online that can provide you with strategies for difficult levels.
Special candies are formed when more than three candies of the same color are matched together. For example, the Striped Candy is formed by matching four candies together and works by clearing an entire row or column. A Wrapped Candy is created by matching five candies in an 'L' or 'T' shape and can explode surrounding candies. A Color Bomb is formed by matching five candies in a row or column and can eliminate all candies of the same color.
The scoring in Candy Crush Saga is based on a combination of the number of candies you crush, the types of candies crushed, and any remaining moves or time after the level’s goal is completed. Special candies give you more points. The score also increases when a cascade or chain reaction of matches occurs.
Yes, you can play Candy Crush Saga without an internet connection. However, some features like competing with friends, seeing your friends' progress or purchasing boosters require an internet connection.
When you run out of lives, you can either wait for a certain period for the lives to replenish or you can ask your friends on Facebook to send you lives. Alternatively, you can purchase extra lives through the game's store.
Gold Bars are the premium currency in Candy Crush Saga. They can be used to purchase boosters, extra moves or lives, unlock episodes, or other special items within the game. You can get Gold Bars by making a purchase with real money.
Yes, there are tournaments, often referred to as Events, such as the Booster Bot or Space Dash. The tournaments typically involve completing specific tasks or levels to win rewards like boosters or unlimited lives.
You can sync your Candy Crush Saga game across multiple devices by connecting your game to Facebook or the account. By doing this, your game progress is saved and can be accessed on any other device by logging in to the same account.